Water, water everywhere!

According to the EPA, Americans make nearly 2 billion trips to the beach each year. That’s billion with a B. Mind you this figure doesn’t specify whether all the trips were made for leisure (likely not) however it’s still an amazingly large number and doesn’t even account for the trips Americans make to other bodies of water (lakes, streams, etc.).

It just goes to show how alluring water can be. It appeals to various demographics, from those looking for calm and serene waters to relax on or near, to thrill seekers looking for the biggest wave to surf or the deepest underwater cave to explore. Our family is no different than most. We love the water. We plan for trips to the pool during the summer and the kids take advantage of the hose when we’re out washing the car. This year water has taken on a much more prominent role in our lives. Between the purchase of the boat, and our proximity to the pool and to the beach, our relationship with water has evolved. We’re going steady. Sometimes water can be temperamental and we get rain that allows kayaking in the streets downtown but hey, who doesn’t get grumpy every now and then?

This weekend, the weather here was perfect to take advantage of our local parks. On Saturday, we went downtown to grab some breakfast and stroll around Waterfront Park. M was not only thrilled that there were two fountains but that she was allowed to run around in them. Super G got a little spray from the his sister splashing around but sat on the sidelines for this portion of the weekend activities.

2013-06-22 11.33.33 2013-06-22 11.34.09 2013-06-22 11.35.48 2013-06-22 11.46.53 2013-06-22 11.48.25

Sunday, we went to the Isle of Palms County Park (our go-to spot at the moment) and were able to procure ourselves a little section of sand with an unobstructed path to the water. We set up our tent, slathered on one more layer of sunscreen and before we knew it, the kids were digging for shells and making friends in one of the larger tidal pools. We brought along a picnic lunch to give the kids more time to play and since the water temperature was so nice, we all decided to go for a dip before heading home. In the past, M had shown some reluctance to swimming and going any further out into the water than chest level, but today we carried her out along with G and went wave jumping. She kicked her feet and really showed an interest in swimming. It might just be time to look into swim classes!

2013-06-23 11.23.49 2013-06-23 11.32.47 2013-06-23 12.35.21 2013-06-23 11.33.39

In the afternoon we somehow mustered up the energy to take the kids to the pool for a dip before dinner so that Super G could try out his new float. He loves his new-found independence and likes to kick his legs while floating around the pool. We were even recommended some floaties for M that we could use to help encourage her to float on her own too.

There truly is something amazing about spending time in the water (well, water and sunshine — water without sunshine isn’t as much fun). The kids ate well, seem to be sleeping well (*knock on wood*) and we’re just all around in better moods.

Did I mention I love living here?

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