Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about nature vs. nurture; Not so much the general concept but debating it in my head as scenarios occur throughout the day. It’s one of those random paths that my brain takes and since I told myself that I’d share more of what’s inside my head without censoring for the sake of my audience, here’s a start.

Lately I started to wonder why M loves arts and crafts so much. You could say that she’s 2 and that every 2 year-old loves to do arts and crafts. Possibly. However, she will decline a walk, refuse a trip to the pool and even ignore the TV (blasphemous, I know… <– joking by the way) if she’s in the middle of painting, drawing or gluing. I wonder if I’ve encouraged art so much that it’s now a learned behavior or if she truly was just born with a love of things artsy and creative. Her fine motor skills are pretty darn good for her age so that could play a role in it as well, but I find myself wondering if it’s genes (my mom is pretty artsy and while the hubs and I are not great at it, we do enjoy artsy, craftsy things) or if she picked it up along the way.

Just my random thought for today.

2013-06-25 10.47.44 2013-06-25 11.42.33

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