Beach Lessons

The hubs took an impromptu day off on Thursday because he’s helping a client Saturday so we decided to go to the beach. I feel like each time we venture out to the shore we learn something new; some piece of invaluable “beach” information.

Thursday’s lesson: Attempt to go to the beach during low tide. Get a beach cart.

It’s pretty logical if you think about it but let me explain:

Low Tide:
* Tons of tidal pools for the kids to play in
* Lots of seashells to collect
* Plenty of beach real estate (i.e., places to put down your umbrella, chair, tent, etc.)

High Tide:
* Zero tidal pools
* Less seashells and more dry sea grass (toward the back of the beach)
* Very little beach real estate (i.e., everyone is cramped into a much smaller space because most of the beach has been swallowed by water)

We went last Sunday and this past Thursday. Both times we visited the same park around the same time of day but on Sunday the tide was low and on Thursday the tide was high. BIG difference. Thursday we could barely find a spot to put our stuff and while I’m nearly positive there were actually MORE people there, I’m sure that the feeling was amplified by the fact that everyone was squished into the small strip of beach that was actually dry.

Another beach must have with munchkins: a beach cart.

The hubs is always amused at how much organizing I do before going on a beach adventure because he’s used to just grabbing a towel and that’s it, but personally, an unorganized beach trip just drives me bananas. I like having a place to sit in the shade — with the ability to have some privacy if I need to change or if the kids need to change (particularly because I have a phobia of dirty public bathrooms/changing rooms… no seriously, it gives me nightmares) along with a non-sandy towel (no laying my beach towel down on the sand). I also like having a snack and some cold beverages because swimming and lots of playtime in the sun makes me hungry. And of course we need entertainment for the munchkins (buckets, etc.). This means a lot of stuff: A tent, a cooler, a bag with beach towels, diapers, change of clothes — plus I’m crazy so I bring a rinse bucket to put next to the tent so you can rinse off your sandy feet and whatever else before coming in. Now, mind you, I do all the preparation myself because I know it’s my own neurosis that is at work, and I do help carry some of the load down to the beach (hubs definitely does the bulk) but it would be so much easier to put everything in a cart than to try to carry an increasingly large baby on one hip and a bag or two in the other hand… all while hauling my own extra 25-lbs of baby-belly across the sand.

Yep. That’s our next purchase. A nice sturdy beach cart with good wheels. We tried using G’s stroller but the small wheels weren’t doing much in the sand.

What’s the saying? Everyday you learn something new. And since we will be frequenting the beach much more often, knowledge, in this case, is comfort!

2013-06-27 11.29.43

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