This Time The Last Time

On Thursday I went in for what will likely be my last ultrasound of this pregnancy. I was 32 weeks and 2 days along. After 15 minutes of watching the little monitor, I was informed that little S is doing great. She’s 4lb 6oz right now and growing normally. Her anticipated delivery weight is around 7lb. More good news, her choroid plexus cysts have completely cleared and she’s rolling around like a little acrobat in there.

The sense of relief that I feel that S is doing well is unexplainable. At this point in the pregnancy with Super G, we were prepping to be induced and anxious about whether he would arrive safely. It’s not to say that I’m not worried about S and her arrival but seeing S’s ultrasound pictures and remembering what happened the last time really puts into perspective how amazing G is doing and reinforces how grateful we are that this pregnancy is going so well. Here’s knocking on wood, just because I’m superstitious, that I make it to 40 weeks.


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