Warm and Fuzzies

I know my kids are still young but they’re already displaying what I would consider normal sibling behavior. They vie for attention, they struggle with sharing and I have had to separate them more than once for semi-aggressive behavior toward one another. It’s nothing that I’m losing sleep over. They hurt each other because they don’t know any better. M yanks toys out of her brother’s hand as if he was her size so of course with his budding equilibrium, he falls backwards and conks himself on the head. Crying ensues. G on the other hand has an ability to pull his sister’s hair not only to the point of pain but to where he comes away with tufts. Again, crying ensues.I’m explaining all this to emphasize why I’m posting the following picture. It’s not that my kids aren’t affectionate with each other — they are. They just aren’t on quite the same page usually. When one is affectionate, the other one isn’t interested. So when they actually are in-sync, it’s just awesome. I want to pick both of them up, wrap my arms around them and smoosh them in a gigantic bear hug because it’s so endearing and heart-warming. But then I refrain from doing so because I fear that with my crazy pregnancy hormones I might over do it and end up squeezing the air out of both of them. Not good.

All this to say… I totally get the warm and fuzzies when my munchkins love up on each other. Awww.

2013-06-27 08.08.28

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