Family Update

We’ve spent the last week getting back into the groove of things. My family was here for Super G’s birthday and as much as I loved seeing them, it was inevitable for all of the activity to throw off my and the kids’ routine a bit. It’s nothing dramatic, just that it requires a few days of really paying attention to everyone’s schedule and timing, and trying to find that calm place again. Today, I’m tired but I feel like we’re back to that steady pace we had before so I’m feeling pretty good.

A little lengthy, but here’s an update on everything family (and then some):

1) Little Miss S:
She’s growing well. I have weekly appointments now that I’m in the last month of my pregnancy and so far the doctor says there are no indications of an early arrival. Other than feeling heavier now that S has dropped a bit, I feel fine and haven’t felt the need to reduce my activities quite yet. I will say though that I feel that S is more active than M and G were. She rolls around so much I swear you can see distinct body parts when she stretches… shoulders, knees. It’s nuts. I included a quick clip at the bottom of the post for anyone who wants to see what I’m talking about. WARNING: If you don’t feel like seeing my big ol’ pregnant belly, don’t watch it — that’s why I put it at the end of the post.

2) Super G:
He’s growing by leaps and bounds. He had his one-year wellness appointment a few days ago and weighs 20lb 4 oz (25th percentile), is 28.75 inches long (40th percentile) and his head is 18.5 inches in circumference (75th percentile). Little man has a big head. Ha! And this is on the regular chart, not the adjusted one for preemies! All things considered he is doing extremely well for a 32-weeker.

He is attempting to walk and has taken 3 or 4 steps unassisted but doesn’t really do it consistently throughout the day yet. It’s definitely super exciting to see and he is more and more stable on his feet. Right now he really likes to push things, like the new Radio Flyer he got from his grandparents or the dining room chairs.
2013-07-20 14.58.27

He’s about to get two new teeth to compliment the two he already has. He says Dada and Mama clearly but he’s still just babbling as opposed to distinguishing between the hubs and I.

The only negative to report is that there is a potentiality that he may need a tube in one of his ears. The state requires hearing tests to be repeated around a year of age if a child has been administered a particular antibiotic in the NICU (usually for babies who stay for more than 7 days).  When the hearing test was performed, Grant passed by the skin of his teeth because he had liquid and negative pressure in his ears.  The doctors attributed it to the several colds he had gotten over the last few months. They want to continue to monitor the situation for the next month or two, but if it doesn’t clear on its own, they will likely recommend we put in a tube especially since liquid in the ear can affect hearing and at this age, speech development. We’ll see.

3) Little Miss M:
2013-07-23 11.46.14

While she still needs some pronunciation work (e.g., she has trouble saying the hard “C” sound), she generally speaks in sentences, her vocabulary is much better than it was 2 months ago and she remembers to say please and thank you. She has become increasingly social and now wants to say “hi” to every new person she sees. We haven’t yet, but there will likely be a “Stranger Danger” conversation in the not too distant future.

Now that M is more verbose, we encourage her to use her words to express her feelings and opinions, and she really has been doing great. That isn’t to say I don’t have to redirect tantrums on occasion, but encouraging her to tell us when she doesn’t like something and then subsequently accepting that she doesn’t like it, has made things easier in our house. And that goes with everything from not liking a particular food to needing some physical space. Particularly starting at this age, I think it’s so important that she feel it’s okay that she tell anyone, including adults that are close to her, that she doesn’t want to be touched by them, or doesn’t like something they’re doing. Over the last month or two we have stopped forcing her to hug or kiss people and instead if she resists, encourage her to either give a high-five or a wave. There’s so much to say on this topic, but that’s for another post.

Little Miss will be starting a half-day pre-school program in two weeks, two days a week.  I’m sure it will be harder on me than it is on her, but as any parent who drops off their child for the first time at school knows, the idea is terrifying! I am excited but anxious at the same time. I will always worry that she might get hurt, or fall behind, or be bullied, or … It’s like that Shell Silverstein poem “Whatif“. Ultimately, some or all of these worries may actually occur but I have to at least give it a shot. If it doesn’t work out, I can always try something different, but we have to at least try.

4) The Hubs and Me
Nothing particularly new to report. Hubby still likes his job, the house is coming along and we’ve just been enjoying spending time together and with the kids. We head to the pool or the beach every chance we get and when the weather is too wet for that, we all squeeze onto the couch and watch a movie. Life’s been good.

5) Other things
When we moved down here, the Hubs swore he saw a squirrel without a tail, and I swore I saw a raccoon/squirrel hybrid. Well, I finally figured out what they were…



Some say the squirrel without a tail is one with a genetic defect caused by inbreeding. Ew. The squirrel that looks like it has a black mask on its face is a Fox Squirrel. It’s the largest species of squirrel in the US.
We definitely have some interesting wildlife down here and it’s been so much fun to try to figure out what they all are!


Here’s the video of S moving around:


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