The Arrival of Little Miss S

We are officially a family of 5. I am officially the Mama of 3 children under the age of 3.

And it blows my mind that I gave birth to a child exactly 2 weeks ago today.  I routinely look at S and think ‘X number of days ago you were in my belly. That’s nuts.’

Little Miss S made her debut on Thursday, August 15, 2013 at 4:55 PM weighing 7 pounds 7 ounces and measuring 19.5 inches long. She was pink, and adorable, and ready to eat! The hospital where I delivered does not remove the baby from the mother at any point so she was able to hang out on my chest, cuddle and nurse all within the first few minutes of life. It was awesome.

I’ve been catching flack from all corners of the family for waiting so long to post pictures of the munchkin and I do apologize, I swear we haven’t been trying to hide her. Things have just been a little busy here in our little corner of the world (see my last post).

Without further ado…

(in chronological order)

2013-08-15 16.58.28 2013-08-15 16.59.57 2013-08-15 17.50.46-2 2013-08-15 19.24.52 cropped1   2013-08-16 17.51.47 2013-08-16 18.02.54  2013-08-17 10.12.42

cropped2  2013-08-17 18.23.55  2013-08-17 20.36.50 cropped3 2013-08-20 19.50.20 2013-08-23 11.07.36 2013-08-23 20.32.24 2013-08-23 20.32.35 2013-08-25 23.14.21 2013-08-25 23.17.46

 2013-08-28 14.53.18 2013-08-28 14.53.48 2013-08-28 14.54.57 2013-08-28 14.57.45 2013-08-28 14.58.01 2013-08-28 19.05.272013-08-27 17.26.50Cropped1

She had her two-week appointment today and has gained a pound since birth! She has also either grown by an inch and a half or someone measured incorrectly at the hospital because today she was 21 inches long. She’s doing great and has been very tolerant of her rambunctious siblings. Although loud, both M and G have been very gentle with her and I was completely taken by surprise when G, unprompted, brought her his bunny and a blanket. Too cute. M loves being the big sister and routinely wants to assist with caring for S.

The hubby and I are feeling really blessed for such a wonderful little family — especially when it’s full of love like it has been the last few weeks. Happy Birthday S!

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