Walking, DJing, Little Pudding Monsters

We’ve got a busy household these days! The kids picked up back-to-back illnesses, M is finally back in school and gym classes regularly, G is walking independently, today the hubs tendered his resignation and tomorrow my in-laws are coming for a visit. Whew! I’m ready to get back to the Southern pace of life… things need to s-l-o-w down!

The kids picked up a stomach bug about a week before S’s delivery, then the day after we got home from the hospital M and G came down with colds… the coughing, snotty-nosed, grumpy kind. Yuck. The first two nights, the hubs and I took turns going between all three kids. Thank God he took two weeks off because I wouldn’t have been able to hack that by myself.  If one wasn’t awake, another one was. Luckily, we’re back on track now.

M started going back to school regularly this week and the first day was definitely tough. She not only cried at drop-off but at pick-up also. It felt like she’d been holding it in all day and let it out when I got there. It was one of those days that made me question sending her to school at all if it was going to be so emotionally traumatic for both of us. Today’s drop-off was just as tough but pick-up was a million times better. She had participated in class (it helps that they cooked something together today, and she loves cooking) and initiated play with a few classmates. The teachers say she cried for a few minutes once I left but then she was fine. While part of me believes them, the other part of me wonders if M is just sucking it up for the duration of the couple of hours she’s there. When I ask her if she likes school or wants to go, she tells me No. I also realize that part of this has to do with the arrival of the new baby so I’m going to give it until the end of September. If it’s still as tough for her by then, the hubs and I will have to reconsider whether it’s the right move for her or not. I really don’t want to sour the whole “school” experience for her.

Here are two pictures from this week that the Assistant Teacher sent to me. They had a show and share session today and she took some toys in to show the class.

Show and Share 1 Madi Riding bike

Little Man has been a little whiny this week but I attribute that as much to him cutting all four of his front top teeth as I do to having a new sibling. If this is the extent of “regression” displayed by M and G due to S’s arrival, I really can’t complain.

In addition to new teeth, G has been enjoying the new-found freedoms of walking! I left for the hospital on Thursday morning and by the time I got home on Friday night, Little Man was walking like a champ!

He and his sister are also quite the little pudding (and cupcake) monsters!

2013-08-27 16.06.472013-08-27 16.06.492013-08-27 16.06.532013-08-27 16.06.54-1

2013-08-23 16.26.01

I love that last shot. I can’t really put my finger on it but I just feel like they look like little pudding hooligans… like they just stole someone’s pudding… not that I condone that type of behavior, but they just look like they’re on the same team. I can’t help but smile.

Little Miss M has also picked up DJing… don’t ask me where she got it but she was telling us she was “dropping a beat” the other day. I’m not sure what she’s talking about while she’s mixing here… sounds like “do the teacup”. Who knows, but DJ M is in the house y’all!

The last big thing that happened was the hubs giving his resignation today. He starts his new job mid-September and while it may require some occasional travel (within the state) it’s definitely a strategic career move for him on so many levels. He tries to downplay it, but it’s a pretty awesome opportunity and I’m really proud of him. Go hubby!

Up next, Little Miss S’s big reveal!

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