October 2013

Let me just get this part out of the way so I can put my big girl pants on and tell you about all the better things that happened this month, okay? It might sound a little whiny, but bear with me. One paragraph and I’m done. Promise.

These last two weeks have been hellacious from a health standpoint. The two oldest got sick, then S got a runny nose. Then I took all three kids to the doctor on my own (<— dumb, dumb, dumb) for their wellness exams. Note to self: NEVER do that again. They stuck us in a 5×5 room and then proceeded to give all three kids shots. M got one, G got four and S got three. I’m fairly certain that’s where I picked up the flu. So while my kids were all attempting to recuperate from their colds, I got the damn flu. THE FLU! Aches. Chills. Fever. Headache. Cough.  Did I mention that hubby has been on contract the last week at a client site that is 2 hours away? That means I’m alone with the babies from the minute they wake up until after they’ve gone to bed. It takes a lot of effort to keep everything afloat on a good day, let alone when I’m attempting to keep my teeth from chattering and just want to curl up in a ball to keep the coughs from rattling my bones. But we survived. It was a week of not-so-nutritious food and too much TV, but we made it through and damn it, I’m proud. We were all miserably sick, but we were all miserably sick together. We got through it and that’s good enough for me.

Ok, all done. Slipping into my skinny-jean big girl pants (cause heeeeeeyyyyy I’m back down to pre-pregnancy weight… whaaaaat!! LOVE what nursing does!).  Speaking of nursing, I’m also very proud of the fact that while we did supplement with formula during S’s first month (holy cow she has a HUGE appetite), she has been exclusively breastfed for the last month or so. Yay for supply and demand! I’ll keep it up as long as can — here’s hoping my supply keeps up with her appetite!

So, hey, I missed y’all! Did you miss us too? Well, if you did, here’s an update on last month:

Early in the month, we went to Boone Hall Plantation to pick out a pumpkin and play at their fall festival.

2013-10-02 16.52.47  2013-10-02 17.05.25 HDR 2013-10-02 17.05.27 2013-10-02 17.30.24 2013-10-02 17.30.26 HDR

We had some great family outings as the weather has been absolutely gorgeous!

2013-10-05 12.27.25 2013-10-05 12.41.41 2013-10-05 12.53.25-12013-10-06 12.08.46 2013-10-06 12.33.16 2013-10-06 17.19.14 2013-10-06 17.19.19 2013-10-06 17.19.29 2013-10-06 17.21.24

We attended M’s school’s fall festival but missed out on the Thomas the Train ride since the line was around the block. No joke. All the way around the school and down the street. Nuts.

2013-10-24 18.05.462013-10-24 18.06.25

M has officially been sleeping in a big girl bed for almost a month now. I’m probably jinxing myself here but I’m so proud of her! She has one of those sleep lights where it turns on when it’s time for sleep and turns off when it’s time to get up — she stays in bed the entire night. So proud. Oh, and did I mention that she’s been pooping on the potty for quite some time now? It’s AWESOME! Yeah, I know, who gets so excited about poop. Let me tell you, as a mama who has to wipe three butts, I’m someone who is VERY excited for one less poopy diaper to change. We’re still working on her peeing in the potty consistently but I’m not rushing that part. It’ll come when it comes.

2013-10-07 19.50.43

And in between all of that we just had some good ol’ fashioned family bonding time — including craft making!

2013-10-15 19.49.30 2013-10-16 10.29.46 2013-10-18 09.07.47 2013-10-18 09.08.02 2013-10-22 11.21.27 2013-10-22 21.51.22 2013-10-26 09.54.00 2013-10-26 13.07.54  2013-10-29 18.23.54-2 2013-10-29 18.31.51 2013-10-29 18.43.51 2013-10-29 18.44.022013-10-29 17.26.57

I don’t have a picture of Grant’s car but he had one too!

And last but not least, here are our Halloween pictures from yesterday and the day before. Our complex hosted a trunk-or-treat on Wednesday, then last night we went over to our soon-to-be neighborhood where we’re building our house and were surprised that they were having a block party (nothing like celebrating Halloween in 75 degree weather)! It was great! I met a bunch of new neighbors, there are a TON of kids, many of whom are around M’s and G’s age and people were just so friendly. I am praying, and hoping, and praying some more that everything works out for this house. It’s such a great place to raise kids and we would just be so lucky and blessed to live there. Keep us in your thoughts please!

2013-10-30 18.46.46 2013-10-30 18.47.20    2013-10-31 09.04.48-2 2013-10-31 09.04.52 2013-10-31 12.01.51 2013-10-31 17.29.25

Oh, I forgot! Here are the munchkins’ stats from the doctor’s office:
S: Height 24.5 inches, Weight 14lb 9 oz — 95th percentile for both
G: Height 32 inches, Weight 21lb — 75th percentile for height, 30th percentile for weight
M: Weight: 26lb — 15th percentile for weight

Everyone was deemed healthy though S did have some thrush so in addition to her reflux meds, she’s now taking something for the next two weeks to resolve the thrush. Baby girl does NOT like meds. Let me tell ya.

So there’s our month in a nutshell. It’s been a little nuts, a little hectic and a lot of love.  That’s how we roll in the Merryfew house.

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