This afternoon the kids and I downloaded Frozen from iTunes and had a movie afternoon. The kids have been ill for the last few days so I thought since we had already done crafts and some educational things this morning, it would be nice to kick back and watch a movie in the playroom so the kids could simultaneously watch and play.

I thought it was a cute movie but lacked some of the visual interest that other animated films have displayed in the last year or so. Also, the eyes on these female characters just seem to be getting bigger and bigger — soon they’ll look like insects!

Like the critics, I really liked the musical score, which was to me, reminiscent of a broadway show. What won me over the most was that the central theme did not revolve around a princess and her love interest (though there certainly was one). It wasn’t centered around some wilting violet waiting for her prince to come (now, mind you, Disney has done a much better job with that since Brave came out). The story centered around the love between two sisters. Pretty cool.

The violence/scariness of the movie wasn’t as bad as some more recent films too. There were certainly some parts that needed either fast-forwarding or an explanation but it wasn’t as bad as some of the scenes from earlier Disney movies (like the bear fight in Brave or spider with the baby head from Toy Story…Not to mention that Buzz Lightyear has his arm ripped off and is beaten with it in one of those movies too… Pretty violent for a rated G or PG).

If you haven’t seen it I would recommend it but maybe not at the price I paid through iTunes… Maybe add it to your Netflix queue. Overall good flick though.

Between hanging with the kiddos and the arrival of the rug I ordered for our living room, it was a pretty darn good afternoon.

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