I have a friend who posts daily gratitudes online and I’ve always thought it was a good idea but never followed through.

Today was a rough day so what better way to look past the negative than to count my blessings. Here’s my first gratitude post.

For my children – they bring me so much joy and have taught me more about the important things in life than I ever hoped to be able to learn. I also love that they will still snuggle with me.

For my husband – his support and love have gotten me through the toughest hurdles in my life. We’ve been together now longer than we haven’t (and we still like each other!) and for that, I am thankful. I am so grateful that my husband works his tail off so that we can live a very comfortable lifestyle that includes my being able to stay home with the children. 

For my family – they are the foundation that I can rely on when I need help, even when I didn’t know how or didn’t want to ask. Thank you.

For my freedoms – I can’t imagine what my life would be like if I were born someplace else… like Sudan, Afghanistan, rural China… I thank my lucky stars for all the things I have solely because I was born an American. Things like running water, electricity, healthcare, freedom of expression, freedom of religion, the right to civil disobedience, and one that always gets me when I listen to the international news… my rights as a woman.

For my health (and that of my family) – while I’m not the “picture” of health (I could definitely afford to spend some time at a gym), I am thankful that I am in good health and that when I wake up nothing hurts.

For all the little luxuries and day-to-day things in my life – like warm towels out of the dryer, beautiful weather, Nutella, the perfect cup of coffee, alley parties with my neighbors…

And most importantly, for God and my Spiritual Guides – Without them I would be lost. I am eternally grateful for the prayers that were heard, answered and the guidance that has been given to me. I am constantly learning more about my spirituality and am thankful that God is in my life.

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