When M was younger, she and I attended a mommy-and-me yoga class, at the end of which it was customary to meditate while breathing and saying “Ooooommmm”. I found it to be very calming and found that it helped to calm M down too.

It used to be that M and I would do Oms everyday before bed but since our move it just fell out of the routine so now I only suggest it when she needs help calming down.

This afternoon I was trying to persuade the munchkins to calm down and clean up before dinner but they were in a fit of giggles from having wrestled with each other for nearly a half an hour. I suggested doing our Oms to calm down. M sat down promptly enough, crossed her legs, closed her eyes and was starting to take deep breaths to start. G-man participates on occasion so when he decided to sit on my lap I thought he was going to join in too. And he did… For about three seconds…

Then he farted.

And not just any fart, a noisy, lift your butt-cheek, “boy! What have you been eating?! kind of fart! He then got up and proceeded to walk away laughing!! Laughing and seemingly proud of himself!

That was pretty much the end of our meditation session. I tried to keep it together but the expression on his face was just priceless. I lost it laughing, which of course made the kids laugh, so we all ended up rolling on the floor laughing together.

All of this to say that my kid knows that farts are funny and that I, at my age still think that farts are hilarious too.

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