Daily Gratitudes

Gratitudes: for weird dreams that make me appreciate waking up (I dreamt I died… And that I knew I was going to ahead of time… Oh and that my neurotic self came back in spirit to continue to help my hubby with dates on his calendar!! My subconscious is so weird), for my hubby’s *sort-of* positive MRI results (yay! No surgery! Boo! We can’t help you.), for my hubby’s relationship with M particularly on days when my patience is wearing thin, for new books from the library and new craft supplies from the craft store, and last but not least, for not being in the tub when G-man decided he had to go… Yep, after all this time, we had a poopy in the tub and boy oh boy was it a doozy. I’m thankful that the kids actually listened to me so I could clean everything up and not spread stuff everywhere. Yuck.

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