So apparently I thought I had posted something on Big G-Man’s birthday and I had not… MOMMY FAIL! Little man celebrated his birthday mid-July and today was his little sister’s birthday which made me want to go back to see what I wrote for his. Geez, I need to post more often so that I don’t have to do these major posts. I put them off because they take so long to complete! But here goes. Super G turned 2 and we celebrated by throwing him a construction themed birthday party!

grant_01 grant_03 grant_04 grant_07 grant_13 grant_14 grant_38 grant_39 grant_65 IMG_6435 IMG_6441 IMG_6440 IMG_6439 IMG_6438 IMG_6448 IMG_6447 IMG_6443grant_06grant_11grant_16grant_15grant_18grant_19grant_20grant_21grant_24grant_30grant_36grant_47grant_52grant_54grant_57grant_59grant_60grant_61grant_62grant_70grant_67IMG_6433IMG_6452IMG_6467IMG_6491grant_73grant_74IMG_6488IMG_6485IMG_6486grant_76grant_78grant_79grant_95grant_94IMG_6516

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