Since the beginning of July, we’ve had visitors almost back-to-back, and thankfully, the majority have been welcome! My in-laws came down for the 4th, my mom was down for G man’s birthday, then my girlfriend came with her 3 munchkins and my mom and grandmother are back for S’ birthday. Busy, busy, busy! We’ve also had some unwelcome visitors… a mouse in the garage, a black widow in the yard, a wolf spider on the back porch, and two different types of wasps (paper wasps and mud dauber wasps). Luckily hubby’s handy with mouse traps and bug spray!

Any how, y’all probably don’t want to hear about my pest issues (please do come visit! I promise there won’t be any snakes… well, maybe there won’t be… 😉 )

Here are some photos and videos from the last month.

Fourth of July funIMG_1111 IMG_1121


#SelfieIMG_0037 IMG_0039

A visit from our friends!IMG_0908 IMG_0911 IMG_0912 IMG_0919

IOP with the kidsIMG_1334 IMG_1290 IMG_1774 IMG_1775

Look! We made tye-dye shirts!IMG_1848 IMG_1849 IMG_1850 IMG_1851

Farmer’s Market IMG_1338 IMG_1339

Releasing ladybugs at Magnolia PlantationIMG_1347 IMG_1349 IMG_1352 IMG_1357 IMG_1365 IMG_1373 IMG_1384 IMG_1395 IMG_1396 IMG_1413 IMG_1417 IMG_1430Sink bath!IMG_1441

Park Time!


Playing at Waterfront ParkIMG_0946 IMG_0951 IMG_1445

The Battery IMG_1463 IMG_1467 IMG_1476 IMG_1500 IMG_1505 IMG_1507 IMG_1513 IMG_1517 IMG_1519IMG_1524 IMG_1529 IMG_1530 IMG_1540 IMG_1545 IMG_1558 IMG_1592 IMG_1595

Happy Birthday Ngoai!IMG_0286IMG_0296


A visit to the Fire MuseumIMG_1876 IMG_1915 IMG_1903 IMG_1900 IMG_1892 IMG_1889

Cause I’m a boss!IMG_1941

Being an airplaneIMG_1950IMG_1946IMG_1942IMG_1964IMG_1973IMG_1983IMG_1985IMG_1988


Art to go along with our unit on spiders — watercolor spider websIMG_1956

Spiderwebs made from yarn and sticks, and spider paintings made from handprintsIMG_1990IMG_6660

Preparing for S’ party by testing out the sprinkler pad






S being pushed around in the laundry cart

Feeding the turtles

Splash pad

IMG_2101 IMG_2104 IMG_2118 IMG_2114 IMG_2108 IMG_2107 IMG_2121 IMG_2119


Pool time

IMG_2051 IMG_2065IMG_2057IMG_2058IMG_2059


The Charleston Tea PlantationIMG_2132IMG_2149



Pictures M took of me telling the kids to be quiet during the factory tour

IMG_2155 IMG_2172





Visiting the Angel Oak tree

IMG_2196 IMG_0077 IMG_0083 IMG_0078


Some miscellaneous pictures from the last few days:

My crazy tomato plant


Our weekly trip to Whole Foods IMG_2127 IMG_2126


Twirling little princessIMG_6688 IMG_6675

Playing with his trainsIMG_6664

Dinner time!IMG_0097


Let it gooooooo! Let it gooooo!IMG_6646 IMG_6644

She really needs to let it go…IMG_6643

At the Farmer’s MarketIMG_2230 IMG_2228

Tomorrow is S’ birthday party. Photos to come! 🙂

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