Wonderful Wednesday!

Wednesdays are usually pretty exciting for us considering the morning is jam-packed with swim class, dance class then usually some sort of play date or activity for the kids. Today was more than exciting though. Today was wonderful!!

First, M’s swim teacher told me that she is ready to move on to Level 2. Level 1 consists of mastery of holding their breath under water for 5 or more seconds, star fish floating, kicking, and doing several bobs (standing vertical, going to the bottom of the pool with their head under water then coming back up). When we first started classes she hated water even getting in her face and now she’s putting her face under water like a pro! I’m so proud of her!

Then, our new stroller arrived! We had a double jogging stroller up until recently and while it was awesome, I really needed something that was going to work with 3 kids; particularly for outings that included a considerable amount of walking. S is nearly 25 pounds now and carrying her so that M and G can ride in the double is fine for short outings but when we head to the museum or downtown, it’s nice not to have my back ache at the end of the day. Plus, I’m hoping to go for runs more regularly so I needed something I could push all three kids in (more in another post for those who know me and are incredulous at the thought of me actually making the choice to run). After asking several mommies of multiples and doing some research on the interwebs, we decided on one. It’s not slimline by any means, but it’s awesome and does everything we need it to do, including fitting in the back of my car!


Best of all though, we had some unexpected visitors today! While strapping the kids into the stroller to go for our maiden voyage, we were greeted by two pups. After determining they were both friendly, we checked their tags and tried the phone number listed but it had been disconnected. I posted on our neighborhood Facebook page and while someone was able to identify the breed of dog, there was still no response from anyone whose dog was missing. We decided to go ahead for our walk thinking that the pups would probably head back home but they followed us all the way to the park.

IMG_4367 IMG_4370 IMG_4373 IMG_4380 IMG_4385

The younger black dog ran amuck but the older brown dog (identified as a Chessie), kept right at our side. That is, until we got to the lake…  And boy did he live up to the reputation of being a water dog. One look at a jumping fish had him diving after it without a second thought! It wasn’t until he swam a few strokes that I think he regretted the decision. He swam back to where he had jumped in but because the brick walkway was several feet above the water, he couldn’t jump out. Luckily, we managed to cajole him into swimming nearly half the length of the lake, along the side of the barrier wall until it dipped into a muddy bank where he was finally able to walk out… poor thing covered in mud and smelling horribly! His companion had wandered off and after a few minutes of attempting to find her, we decided to head home to wash “Mulligan” (the name on his tag) off. After being toweled off and offered a snack of frozen peas (my nanny said she gives them to her pup all the time… who knew?!), Mulligan hung out on our back screened-in porch with the kids petting him before he dozed off in a sunny corner. I was so impressed with both Mulligan and the kids! Not only was he incredibly gentle with the kids, but M and G who have been a bit wary of dogs lately were walking and petting him most of the morning. M even decided to dub him “Gil”.

By late afternoon, his owners had seen my Facebook message and contacted me to meet them at our local park. Apparently Mulligan and his little dog sister Puffa (the black dog) had been accidentally let out by their housekeeper. They live two streets over from us and are very loved by a family with 2 grade school aged children. It was so nice to know that Mulligan had a loving family and that my munchkins would likely see their new friend again at the park.

Talk about an eventful day!

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