Daily Gratitudes

Gratitudes: For an awesome pre-Halloween pre-schooler party, for gorgeous weather, for my first bellini in a very long time (too long, if I do say so myself), for friends both young and old and for my super-sexy, ridiculously sweet, favoritest person in the whole wide world husband. He’s awesome.

So, I’m going to be lazy and not do a separate post for all the fun stuff we’ve done since last Saturday. Instead I’m just going to post photos… of our participation in the local Pumpkin Walk fundraiser for the school, for our day at the farmer’s market, for our day at the beach (yes, the weather here was still fairly warm until today — when we got some wind) and for our little Halloween-Eve party. Oh, and yes, while I am TERRIFIED of wasps, my daughter is fascinated. She found a dead one and decided to play with it for a while. I promise the rest of the photos aren’t as jarring.

Enjoy folk’alls!

IMG_1100 IMG_4435 IMG_4461 IMG_4470 IMG_4485 IMG_4531 IMG_4548 IMG_4565 IMG_4580 IMG_4594 IMG_4612 IMG_4618 IMG_4620 IMG_4621 IMG_4642 IMG_4660 IMG_4663 IMG_4678 IMG_4700 IMG_4710 IMG_4727 IMG_4736 IMG_4740 IMG_4748 IMG_4752 IMG_4754 IMG_4755 IMG_4763 IMG_4780 IMG_4835

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