It’s beginning to look a lot like…


I bet you’re wondering why I’m not talking about Thanksgiving considering it’s only a few days away. Don’t get me wrong, I love turkey day! The food, the football, more food, naps… what’s not to love about Thanksgiving?

It’s just that the kids and I have been talking about Thanksgiving for over 2 weeks now. We’ve done crafts, read books, gone on nature walks to pick up acorns and berries and twigs for more crafts, and read even more books. We’ve sang songs and talked over what we want to eat on Thanksgiving day. This year it will be cardamom infused butternut squash soup, roasted duck, mashed potatoes and gravy, my favorite sausage and mushroom stuffing, cumin glazed carrots with raisins, sautéed brussel sprouts with pancetta, homemade chunky cranberry compote and french rolls. That is, unless I wake up at 2am Thursday morning and decide to chuck it all out the window and order Chinese. Just kidding!

Any way, what I was getting at was that I’ve been getting a bit anxious for Christmas. And Christmas carols. And the smell of a Christmas tree. We had this annual tradition when we lived up north, wherein my extended family would gather at a local farm and we would spend the morning selecting the perfect tree. Then we would cut it down, have a spectacular picnic of cheese, charcuterie, french bread and wine (and sometimes my father-in-law’s legendary chili) by the farm’s bonfire. It’s something I remember fondly. And while hubs and I haven’t established a similar tradition since we’ve moved here, the fact that I’ve been longing for Christmas just made it that much easier for me to talk hubby into getting a tree early. Plus, our local tree stand apparently sells out of their gorgeous fir trees fairly quickly, and I wanted to get the cream of the crop, so… we got two. And they’re decorated already. They’re not as gorgeous as some of the Pinterest trees I’ve seen and pinned, but the living room tree especially, has ornaments that mean so much to us.

Here’s the tree we have in our living room downstairs:


And the tree we have upstairs in the loft for the kids:


The exterior lights are almost done and I’ve hung the kids handprints from the previous years on some decorative branches, among a few strands of whimsical garland. We’ve hung some stars and short of procuring a few yards of fresh garland and some wreaths, I think we’re just about ready for the most wonderful time of the year!

Next on the agenda is thinking about what traditions we want to start now that we’re settled in our new house! What about you? What fun traditions do you have?

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