Getting Caught Up

Wondering what we did last month? Here’s a recap.

You’ll see me post a lot more this month as I’m going to try to document as much of our family’s Whole30 as possible (more on that later).

Activities with the kiddos
IMG_5961 IMG_5960 IMG_5957 IMG_5956 IMG_5953 IMG_5952

As part of our 25 acts of random kindness, we dropped off some cookies and baked goodies for the firemen at our local fire station. They offered to show us the trucks, which of course made G-man’s day!

IMG_5998 IMG_5986 IMG_5977

We also dropped off treats for our furry friends at the local shelter (and of course took some time to visit with the kitties).


We also candy cane bombed all the cars from our house all the way to the library (for those who don’t know what that means, we attached a holiday note on a candy cane and left it on the windshield of parked cars) and donated some of our used books to the library.

IMG_5755 IMG_5762 IMG_5756 IMG_5787

We made crafts and decorated a gingerbread house. Our annual tradition is to make handprint ornaments for each child so we can see how much their hand has grown from the previous year. This year we also made fingerprint angels –  I think they turned out super cute!

IMG_0128 IMG_0131

We visited the Children’s Museum for some rainy day fun.

IMG_0160 IMG_0161

We brought some treats to the turtles in one of the local ponds.


And we took another trip to Bee City where the kids took a particular interest in the turtles and the birds.


There was also some racing!


Another annual tradition we have in the MerryFew house is to have the kids open one gift on Christmas Eve. That gift is their Christmas pajamas!

IMG_0445IMG_1294 IMG_1298 IMG_1301 IMG_1300 IMG_1302

We were feeling the love with the number of cards we received! The kids loved receiving envelopes from friends and helping to hang the cards. I had strung two strings to keep the cards on and they got so full we had to start stacking them! I guess I could have strung another string but I ran out of 3M adhesive and didn’t have time (or maybe I was too lazy…) to run to the store…

IMG_0252 IMG_0273 IMG_0268 IMG_0256  IMG_0284 IMG_0294 IMG_0298 IMG_0313 IMG_0311 IMG_0299 IMG_0459 IMG_6065

This is what Christmas looked like at our house. How was yours?


We had a rack of lamb for Christmas dinner… check out Little Miss taking that lamb lollipop doooowwwwn!

The Saturday after Christmas we headed up to visit my in-laws and the kids played with their cousin who they don’t get to see often. It was a ton of fun!

IMG_0170 IMG_0172 IMG_0173 IMG_0176 IMG_6095 IMG_6115

We spent the earlier part of this week preparing for our Whole30 challenge and spent New Year’s Eve at a friend’s house who has kids the same age as ours. The hubs and I then spent the rest of the evening watching the various shows and performers on TV. Kind of boring for most, but perfect for us.

What about you? How was your NYE?


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