Whole30 – Day 1

Here goes nothing!

I’m going to start documenting what we ate, how it was prepared and what the reaction was in the house. Not only to share but so that I can go back to it later if we ever are crazy enough to do this again down the road!

Meal 1:


  • Bell pepper egg flowers — cook bell peppers a few minutes, crack in egg, sprinkle with salt & pepper, or choice of seasoning.
  • Rib-eye steak — room temperature, blotted dry, seasoned with salt and pepper. Seared and finished in the oven at 400 degrees.
  • Chimichurri sauce — I used the recipe from Bon Appetit
  • Half a banana for the kids
  • Beverages: lime water or black coffee.

I attempted to make bulletproof coffee and was successful, however it was still way too bitter for me without sugar so I think I’m going to stick to drinking tea in the morning. Hubby is totally cool with black coffee so that’s what he had.


Overall Grade: A-
Hubs: THRILLED to be having steak for breakfast! Black coffee was fine.
M: Finished her plate. Helped with prep so was super excited to eat it.
G: Helped with prep but was not impressed with anything except the steak and egg whites.
S: Nibbled on some steak and a piece of bell pepper.
Me: The chimichurri made it come together. We got some pasture-raised meat too so it was super delicious. I think if I had made some paleo sriracha to go along with this it would have been even better. It needed a little more punch.

Lessons: Must do more prep the night before. It took me longer than I anticipated to get the meal on the table and the kids were none too happy about waiting that long for breakfast. Also, do not step away from the pan when making Ghee. I let my milk solids overly brown because I was tending to something at the sink. I had to start over and felt like a total rookie. Good thing is I essentially made brown butter so I’m storing it in a container in the freezer for post Whole30. Yes!

Meal 2:


  • Roasted salmon  — seasoned with salt, pepper, a pinch of dill, a few slices of lemon and a drizzle of EVOO. Roasted at 400 degrees for about 10-15 minutes.
  • Roasted broccoli with capers (not pictured because I took the picture before remembering that I had them!) — roasted alongside the salmon, seasoned only with salt, pepper and EVOO.
  • Salad of baby arugula, baby spinach, blanched green beans, cherry tomatoes and hard-boiled eggs, dressed with sherry vinaigrette and topped with pistachios. — Read this for how to make perfect hard-boiled eggs. We made them the same way in school. For the vinaigrette, mix Dijon mustard with sherry vinegar, season to taste and emulsify with EVOO. It’s really good with minced shallots in it too but I got lazy.
  • Lime water for everyone.


Overall Grade: C+
Hubs: Delicious but will get boring if we do it too often.
M: Finished her plate. Asked for more eggs and pistachios.
G: Ate only his hard-boiled eggs so we offered a banana afterward. Gotta work on veggies. For reals.
S: Was completely focused on cherry tomatoes. Fine by me.
Me: I was happy with it but agree with the hubby that if we do this as a regular meal, it’s going to get old fast.

Lessons: Again, prep more ahead of time. I could have done the eggs, the green beans and the dressing way ahead of time (like a day or two in advance even). The salmon could have been seasoned ahead of time also.

Meal 3:


  • Salmon cakes — used leftover salmon and the “Fried Salmon Patties” recipe from the Nom Nom Paleo cookbook. She unfortunately doesn’t have this recipe on her website or app, but it’s page 180 of the book and it’s delicious.
  • Sautéed kale with garlic — Remove stems. Saute kale in EVOO, add garlic, salt and pepper.
  • Poached egg with a pinch of paprika — Poach egg (don’t use the vinegar method… that just leaves your eggs sour. ew.), add salt and paprika. Yum.
  • Lemon water for everyone.


Overall Grade: B-
Hubs: Delicious and he felt full when he finished but he didn’t feel satisfied. Said he wasn’t sure if the lack of carbs was catching up to him.
M: Ate her egg and ended up stealing my mashed sweet potatoes for another meal. Probably not enough protein, but she’s eating healthy. It’s a start.
G: Literally had a banana. We have work to do.
S: YAY for little miss! She ate a good amount of salmon cake and stole some of her sister’s sweet potatoes!
Me: I was happier about this meal than with lunch. The salmon cakes turned out delish although the kale was a little on the dry side for me. As much as I try to love kale, it’s just on my “okay” list.

Lessons: Read the timing of recipes. I forgot to and then realized I needed to chill the patties for 20 minutes before pan-frying. Hmmm. Kids. Hungry. Not good. Also, made paleo mayonnaise in the food processor for the first time according to the Nom Nom Paleo recipe book and I don’t think it triples as well as I thought it would. I think I’ll also try making it by hand next time.
All in all a very good day. No one snacked and we stayed full all day. Hubs started to feel like his “blood sugar was low” and was feeling tired late in the afternoon but powered through it. My sugar dragon reared its ugly head a few times throughout the day, but luckily I emptied our house of sugar so that beast is gonna stay hungry! And hey, it’s almost 11pm and neither of us have snacked! Woot! Little victories.

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