Whole30 – Day 2

So, there is a section in the It Starts With Food book that talks about people who are going through sugar withdrawal actually have sugar dreams where they consume sugary goodies then wake up feeling guilty. I thought this was totally ridiculous and just a sign of someone being “overly” addicted to sugar (you know, like the people who eat deep-fried twinkies and whatnot). Well, apparently I’m either “overly” addicted to sugar or it was just karma’s way of telling me to stop being a Judgy McJudgster, because lo and behold, last night, I totally had a dream about consuming sugar and then (while still dreaming) felt guilty about it.

In my dream the hubs takes me to this really nice restaurant and as a surprise gets access to the kitchen. While we’re walking through, one of the pastry chefs offers me a beignet or some other type of fried yummy goodness, and of course, I oblige. Only after I consume three do I then gasp and say “Oh my God! I can’t eat this!!” — *sigh*

In real life, my husband found it hilarious that I had a sugar dream after only one day of abstaining from sugar. He did also, however, keep me on track by being super encouraging and sweet today. I woke up grumpy, feeling guilty, achy, and craving sugar like it was my job. I can’t remember the last time I went an entire day without any type of sweetener. Even when we eat healthy, I always have coffee with sugar or some sort of sweet thing after dinner.

Ugh. I gotta get past this. I know I will, but man, it’s harder giving up sugar than I thought.

Ok, so food today.

Meal 1:


  • Cowboy hash skillet — brown ground turkey, add sausage spice mix, remove meat, add chunks of sweet potato. Brown, then add meat back in. Make wells for eggs. Crack eggs and broil until preferred doneness. Top with avocados and parsley.
  • A side of sautéed apples in ghee and a handful of blackberries.
  • Beverages: lime water for the kiddos and me, black coffee for the hubs.



Overall Grade: B+
Hubs: Liked it a lot. He usually likes hash type meals for breakfast but wished he had some type of hot sauce to douse it with. I’m working on making the Whole30 Sriracha but haven’t found red jalapeños yet.
M: Hasn’t ever been a fan of avocados so steered clear of them, but ate the rest.
G: It took some convincing, but he ate some egg, a few bites of sweet potato and all of the meat on his plate. Finished the meal off with a banana and some blackberries.
S: Little carnivore devoured the meat. Had a few bites of the rest but wasn’t super impressed.
Me: I think I broiled the eggs for too long. They weren’t quite as runny as I had hoped. I wasn’t entirely enamored with the meal, but I think that’s because I was feeling horrible this morning and was forcing myself to eat. I tried to not eat too much fruit since I know that I’m still battling with sugar so I ate a few blackberries and left it at that.

Lessons: Keep an eye on the broiler. I could have also made the turkey “sausage” the night before.

Meal 2:


  • Roasted chicken thighs — EVOO, salt, pepper and oregano
  • Salad — Bibb and Romaine lettuce, cucumbers, and apple. Dressed with homemade Balsamic dressing: Balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper, a few dashes of Coconut Aminos and EVOO to emulsify
  • A handful of grapes for the kiddos and the remaining half of the apple from our salad.
  • Beverages: lemon water

[imagine something delicious here. I forgot to take a picture. Sorry!]

Overall Grade: B-
Hubs: Quick and easy but too basic. <– Ugh. I hate that he’s so honest sometimes. 😉
M: Devoured the bacon that we had planned for the salad, then ate everything but the lettuce.
G: Finished. His. Plate. WHAT?! Finished his lettuce. Every last bite. Was completely amazed by the boy.
S: Had a little of everything but started flinging her lettuce across the counter…
Me: If it wasn’t a communal grade, it would have been an “A” for me. I love salads with a ton of “stuff” in them (as opposed to just a bunch of different types of lettuce). And I love dressings with punch, so this was definitely my kind of lunch.

Lessons: Ummm… Can’t really think of any except maybe that I wish I had learned about Coconut Aminos sooner. It’s delicious.

Meal 3:


  • Slow cooker Korean-style short ribs
  • Cauliflower Rice — pulse raw cauliflower in food processor, then sauté on stovetop with ghee, salt, pepper and minced onion until soft.
  • Carrots — See below.

So, technically this meal was a failure. We figured out where we went wrong (see Lessons section for details) but it totally did not turn out the way it was supposed to. It was meant to be korean-style short ribs, meaning there is this delicious yummy glaze on short ribs that are falling off the bone. Ours turned out more like a stew. To save it, I added some carrots and told the kids that it was what I had intended the whole time.


Overall Grade: D, but would likely have been an A — see Lessons section.
Hubs: Was really looking forward to korean-style ribs since we both grew up with a Korean friend who fed it to us and we’ve loved them ever since. So needless to say, he was a little disappointed. He said if I had told him it was a stew from the get-go though, he would have thought it was good. Said he probably wouldn’t do the cauliflower rice again because it really doesn’t satisfy the want for the real thing, and he would much rather just roast or steam a bunch of cauliflower than go through the work of trying to make it like rice.
M: Didn’t like the cauliflower rice.
G: Didn’t like the cauliflower rice.
S: Finished her bowl, although she wouldn’t let me feed her so half of it ended up in her lap. Little miss independent.
Me: If it wasn’t for the fact that I was expecting something else, this would have been okay. As a stew it was a “B” maybe even a “C” since it was just meat and carrots.


1) Buy the correct cut of meat: We bought regular beef short ribs (in chunks) and the traditional style Korean short-ribs are cut thin, so that each piece has several short bones about 1/2 inch thick. This is not what is shown in the recipe I posted above, but it’s much more traditional. We couldn’t find it so the meat we bought, while it tasted great and was grass-fed, was pretty fatty and I ended up having to skim a ton of fat off the “stew”.

2) Don’t use a pressure cooker: We used Betty Blue (just Betty for short), our 16-quart pressure cooker in lieu of a slow cooker. I even asked the author of Nom Nom Paleo if she thought this would be okay and she referred me to this guide for time conversions, which is great so I just followed that. The problem is, I didn’t think about the fact that a slow cooker allows the liquid to evaporate and allows a glaze to form. The pressure cooker didn’t allow any of the broth to evaporate, so we just ended up with a stew. I think if I were to use Betty again I’d skip the broth, but hubs has already ordered the slow cooker because he’s now seriously wanting the correct version of the short ribs.

3) Marinate the meat ahead of time: The “sauce” that the meat is cooked with is delicious. The problem was that there was just a faint hint of it by the time we cut into it. Next time I plan on marinating the meat overnight before cooking it.

So, today wasn’t as great, but it wasn’t bad either. Tomorrow is another day.

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