Whole30 – Days 7 and 8

Sorry I flaked on you guys yesterday! I went to put S down and conked out with her until about 9 something and had a sink full of dishes waiting for me and a mountain of laundry to fold. I’m making up for it today though with a double post.

Ready? Let’s go!


Meal 1


  • Cabbage roll goulash  — I added only about 1/4 of the liquid since I made mine in the pressure cooker. Turned out delicious.
  • SSU (sunny-side-up) eggs.
  • Sauteed apples
  • Avocados
  • Beverages: Coffee, tea, lemon water


Overall grade: A
Hubs: Was very happy with this meal. I actually made it in the pressure cooker the night before and he totally tried to steal more than just a “taste”. 😉
M: Finished 3/4 of her bowl. I asked her to eat a slice of avocado and she did but still wasn’t enamored with it. Prefers her apples raw. Had adult sized portion of eggs (2).
G: Ate a fair amount but preferred the egg. Ate 3 eggs and a banana.
S: Took a few bites here and there but preferred her banana.
Me: I thought it was great. I’m glad I tweaked the recipe for the slow cooker so I didn’t have to sit there and monitor the pot. Turned out awesome. This is a repeat recipe. W30 or not.

Lessons: Don’t walk away from the pan when you’re sautéing stuff. Like apples. Because then they get too dark. Duh.

Meal 2


  • Turkey, omelette, avocado, tomato wraps with mayo and Dijon mustard.
  • Pickled carrots (The link takes you to my original pickled carrots post).
  • Grapes.
  • Beverages: Lemon water for grown-ups, apple juice for the kiddos.


Overall grade: C
Hubs: Loved the dressing (homemade mayo and Dijon mustard).
M: Ate the turkey and the egg. Ate her pickles. Left everything else.
G: Ate the turkey and egg. Asked for more egg. Ate his grapes. Didn’t touch the rest.
S: Ate the turkey and a banana.
Me: Meh. Boring. Needed to try to get rid of some stuff in the fridge.

Lessons: Needed a more interesting accompaniment. Maybe zucchini crisps next time.

Meal 3


  • Braised Moroccan chicken. So I improvised a little on this recipe because I a) had a whole pasture fed (this comes into play later) chicken, b) I didn’t have green olives and c) I wanted to use the pressure cooker.
  • Roasted root vegetables — carrots, turnips and parsnips tossed in EVOO, Borsari and roasted at 400 for 5-10 minutes.
  • Clementines for dessert for the kids.
  • Beverages: Water.


Overall grade: B+
Hubs: Loved everything except the olives. Even ate the turnips which he normally doesn’t like so much.
M: Finished her plate and asked for more chicken. Didn’t like the olives.
G: Actually ate some of his vegetables. Finished his chicken and 3 clementines.
S: Ate the chicken and really liked the parsnips.
Me: I thought it was great with the exception of the chicken being slightly overdone and I think the olives were a little strong.

Lessons: I should have remembered to reduce the cooking time because the chicken was pasture raised. I learned that lesson many years ago… pasture raised birds are delicious but gamier, leaner and cook faster! Also, I didn’t add a ton of stock because I didn’t want a soup, but that also meant that I didn’t have enough to make a gravy. Green olives would have been better.


Meal 1


  • Steak — pan seared with S&P, ghee, then roasted at 400. Delicious.
  • SSU eggs — I was planning on doing avocado cups but they were still hard. Hopefully they make an appearance this weekend.
  • Mixed greens, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes tossed in balsamic dressing — basic vinegar, oil and S&P dressing.
  • Beverages: Coffee, tea, water


Overall grade: A
Hubs: Quick, easy and delicious.
M: Left the greens. Ate everything else. Stole steak off my plate.
G: Left the greens. Had a TON of steak.
S: Tried some steak. Ate some cucumbers. Was a grumpy little monster* today so all things considered, sitting at the table was quite the accomplishment.
Me: Sort of blah because we’ve done it recently, but I love a good steak so there really aren’t any complaints here.
*Note: I call all my kids monsters. They’re not really monsters. It’s a term of endearment. Really.

Lessons: MAKE SAUCE. I need to make chimichurri, or salsa verde, or a mignonette or something… something to keep in the fridge and toss over my steak or eggs when things get boring.

Meal 2


  • Vietnamese Goi: Napa cabbage, carrots, shredded (roasted) chicken and I added julienned crispy chicken skins too. So good. I roasted the chicken with some Magic Mushroom Powder and it was divine.
  • Nuoc Mam: Vietnamese prepared fish sauce. Mince garlic. A few cloves will do. Add the juice from half a lime (or the whole thing if you’re making a lot or have a dry lime), add fresh coconut water (like this) and add fish sauce. Adjust to taste. If you like it more sour, add more lime. If you like it a little sweeter, add more coconut water. If you like it saltier, more fish sauce. Oh, and if you’ve got a need for some spice? Add some chili garlic paste.
  • Beverages: Lime water.

IMG_1312 IMG_1313

Overall grade: A
Hubs: Delicious. Wish we had chili garlic paste. Or could find one that was W30 compliant. Suggested I make some.
M: Wasn’t visually appealing to her at first so she immediately said she didn’t like it and wouldn’t eat it. Nearly finished her bowl. Lesson learned: looks are deceiving.
G: Wouldn’t touch it. Ate a banana.
S: N/A — went to bed early.
Me: Brought me home, so I loved it. I ate my portion and G-man’s too.

Lessons: Must attempt chili garlic paste. Must find red jalapeños first. I’ve actually been on a quest to find them to make the hubby some compliant Sriracha sauce, but have only found green jalapeños…

Meal 3


IMG_6156 IMG_6157

Overall grade: A+
Hubs: Delicious. Do it again. Like tomorrow.
M: Finished her plate. Asked for more meat. Then magically learned how to peel her own clementines. Where did that come from?
G: Ate his meat, broccoli and squash. Asked for more meat. So proud of him for eating his greens. This would have NEVER happened a few weeks ago.
S: Ate the meat. Asked for more meat. Shoved her cheeks full and sat there looking like an adorable little chipmunk with cheeks full of spare ribs. Love that kid.
Me: Um, yes. Delicious. The recipe calls for sherry vinegar though and I think it made the sauce a little too tart for me. I think I’ll reduce the vinegar next time to see if it will do the job of tenderizing the meat without adding such a distinct taste in the sauce.

Lessons: What was I thinking making such a small amount?! Make more meat!!

So that’s that! Whew.

Onto another topic. I’ve had a few people ask why they’re seeing us eat so many eggs… and how many eggs we go through exactly? Here’s the answer: A LOT. Since the start of the W30, we’ve been going through a ton of eggs. Makes me want to raise chickens, but alas our HOA here doesn’t allow for them. 😦

Anyway, we eat a lot of eggs because:

1: They’re Delicious. With a capital D. Whether fried, cooked sunny-side-up (SSU in my post above), poached, cooked over easy, hard-boiled, soft-boiled, oven baked, scrambled… whatever. They are yummy-in-my-tummy delicious.

2: They are a cheap source of protein. Ever compare the price of eggs versus meat? Um, yeah. Eggs are WAY cheaper than meat.

3: They’re good for you. Read about it here and here.

Did I mention they were delicious? Particularly with hot sauce. You should eat some tomorrow.

Alright, that’s it for me. ‘Night folk-alls!

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