Whole30 – Days 9 and 10

In the book It Starts With Food (and on the Whole30 website) they list out frequent symptoms or phases that people experience. See it here. The “Hangover” is also known in the W30 community as the “carb flu”. Your body is detoxing and you literally feel like you’re coming down with the flu. I did not think that I would experience that. I did on day 2. It was awful. My knees felt like they wouldn’t hold up my weight, my joints were achy, I had a headache and all I wanted to do was sleep. I also thought I wouldn’t experience sugar dreams. That was also false. My last one was about red velvet cupcakes. Mmmm. According to the above timeline, by day 4 or 5 I would have experienced the “Kill all the things” phase. Well, my body apparently doesn’t like this timeline and decided that it shall rebel and do the phases it whatever order, at whatever time it so chooses. I say this because today is day 10. And yesterday and today I have wanted to kill. all. the. things. I was grumpy and moody and emotional and angry and M.E.A.N. All I wanted was a grande caramel macchiato from Starbucks to kick me out of my funk. And because I couldn’t have it, that made me even angrier. It was not a pretty sight. Needless to say, there were some moments that I wish I could take back (because I just have a hard time biting my tongue in general, let alone when I’m still working out my sugar problems) but I made my amends by mid afternoon today and am much better now.  I think. Let’s see how tomorrow morning goes.

On to the food.


Meal 1


  • Omelette with mushrooms, spinach, garlic and onions.
  • Bacon
  • Oven roasted tomatoes
  • Raspberries
  • Leftover goulash for Mama and Daddy.
  • Beverages: Coffee, Tea, Water.
  • IMG_0524 IMG_0525

Overall Grade: C
Hubs: Has always been a fan of an omelette and with the addition of the goulash was fairly pleased.
M: Wouldn’t touch the raspberries. This was cause for an argument… which of course was likely due to the fact that I was SUPER grumpy.
G: Wouldn’t eat his mushrooms or spinach. I also grumbled at this. My poor kids having to deal with their crazy mama.
S: Oblivious to my drama, ate her tomatoes and bacon.
Me: *shoulder shrug* It was alright taste-wise. Nothing to really write home about, but I give myself credit for not chucking my pan across the room because of how frustrated I was with myself for my omelette being too dark. That is NOT a proper french omelette damn it.

Lessons: Chucking my pan across the room would have left a dent on the floor/wall and scared the crap out of my kids. Breathe. Count to 10. In through the nose. Out through the mouth. Whoooooooooosshhhhhhh. It will be okay. It’s just an omelette… This too shall pass… right? right?!

Meal 2


  • Pan-fried chicken apple sausage (I found some compliant stuff at Costco! Imagine that!)
  • Sweet potato mash — oven roasted and mashed with some coconut milk
  • Sauteed apples
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Beverages: Water, apple juice for the kids.


Overall Grade: B+
Hubs: Didn’t really comment much since I think he was just steering clear of me but finished his plate. That’s good right?
M: Finished everything except her apples. She doesn’t like cooked apples. I don’t think I’m going to convince her on this one.
G: Picked at everything but didn’t finish his plate. Left his mash and apples.
S: Fell asleep early but ended up devouring two bowls of mash when she woke up.
Me: Considering this was a throw-together meal because I got back from Costco late, it turned out really tasty.

Lessons: It’s good to have a few things in the fridge/freezer that will make a quick lunch when we are running behind, which with 3 kids will inevitably happen.

Meal 3


  • Chicken curry — I left out the zucchini because I didn’t have any and used a pre-mixed curry powder from WF since I already had that in the pantry.
  • Raita — Normally raita has yogurt, cucumber, coriander, cumin and mint in it but since the kids aren’t too keen on mint I just did coconut milk, cucumber, ground coriander and ground cumin. For the sake of texture, I julienned the cucumbers. I then removed them from the mixture to serve to everyone but the coconut milk ended up being really delicious so we all spooned some back on.
  • Tamarind peppers — I know there is a name for his but I forget what it is. I cooked orange bell peppers in garlic, onion and tamarind paste. It gives them a sour taste. This is something that is usually done with bell peppers and eggplant and served alongside a curry when the curry is spicy in order to help balance it and bring down some of the heat. My grandmother makes it all the time. Considering she’s adventuring halfway around the world right now, I’m going to have to get back to you on the name. 😉
  • Beverages: Water



Overall Grade: A-
Hubs: “Yum. Why didn’t you make more?” Also commented that we should probably marinate the chicken ahead of time to give it a little more time to soak up the curry flavors.
M: Wasn’t a huge fan of the peppers. Surprise, surprise. Girlfriend doesn’t like tart things. She did finish the rest and asked for seconds. Loved the “coconut milk cucumbers”. Had a few clementines.
G: Ate the chicken and half his peppers. Finished off his meal with a ton of clementines.
Me: I agree with hubby. Chicken was good but could benefit from more marinating time. Was fairly upset I couldn’t figure out the name to that pepper dish at the time, but now that we’re at the end of day 10, I figure it doesn’t really matter what the name is. It matters that it’s delicious. 🙂

Lessons: Adding pumpkin puree is genius. Never would have thought of that. Curry was delicious. Marinate the meat at least overnight.

DAY 10

Meal 1


  • Deviled eggs with homemade mayo mixed with Dijon mustard, S&P. Topped with porkitos (aka prosciutto chips) and chives or tomato and parsley.
  • Tomatoes, avocados and blackberries.
  • Beverages: Coffee, tea, water.

I won’t get into the details because all is good in the ‘hood again but this morning was another crazy “we should just avoid Mama” morning. Something that would usually cause me to grumble and then reset (like being late to a 30-minute swim class… I mean, that’s just ridiculous, but it’s an easy fix. We could just skip and reschedule) caused me to be very frustrated (skip, reschedule… rant and nag in the process).



Overall Grade: B+
Hubs: Loved deviled eggs for breakfast. Loved the porkitos too.
M: LOVED the porkitos. Wasn’t a fan of the deviled eggs. Doesn’t like mayo.
G: Ate just a hardboiled egg instead of a deviled egg. Ate his blackberries. Left the rest. Can’t seem to get him to eat more than a bite of avocado. Gags on tomatoes. It just wasn’t the day to try to even attempt that one so I left it alone.
S: Was happy with just nibbling off her siblings plates.
Me: Mmmm. Those are some bitter eggs. Just kidding. The deviled eggs were great. I think I’ll make them for M’s birthday party.

Lessons: Wake the hubby up earlier. Make sure he’s actually out of bed. LET IT GO. Breathe. Really? Why are you this worked up?? Get a hold of yourself woman! Ok. I’m done… Oh, and boil the eggs the night before. Assemble in the morning.

Meal 2


  • Egg salad — hard-boiled eggs, homemade mayo, mustard, parsley — no celery because hubby isn’t a huge fan and I’m not a huge fan of onion.
  • Bibb lettuce and a few tomatoes
  • Ants on a log for everyone.
  • Clementines.
  • Beverages: Water


Overall Grade: C
Hubs: Doesn’t like celery in the first place so when I forgot to peel the celery of the “logs” he wasn’t too happy about it. The rest was good.
M: Still wasn’t a fan of the mayo. Finished her ants on a log. Had a few clementines.
G: Ate the almond butter and raisins. Had a few clementines.
S: I gave her the last of the sweet potato mash from yesterday but she picked a few raisins from her brother’s plate.
Me: I felt it was fine for a quick lunch (i.e. thrown together at the last-minute because it was getting late and I had lost track of time).

Lessons:  Glad I keep all the ingredients for mayo around. Very versatile. Need to make a list of quick lunches so that I don’t keep repeating things like this.

Meal 3


  • Roasted chicken with Borsari seasoning — 400 degrees in the oven until the skin is crispy. We are a dark meat household so that usually means about 20 minutes.
  • Salad with Romaine lettuce, cucumbers, tomato
  • “Baked” Potato and Sweet potato — more like steamed in the microwave

I forgot to take a picture because I was busy preparing my almond milk project. Sorry 😦 It was very tasty though!

Overall Grade: A
Hubs: Delicious as usual.
M: Finished her plate short of the lettuce. She has something against lettuce these days. She used to love it. Ate 3 chicken thighs.
G: Ate the chicken, cucumbers and potato. Tomatoes were a no go. Ended up finishing 4 thighs by himself. Crazy boy.
S: Ate some cucumbers and chicken. Had a few bites of my sweet potato.
Me: This was a standard meal in our house even before W30 so I was happy that I was able to help it make an appearance in our challenge.

Lessons: Some of this stuff could have been prepped ahead of time but since this was a last-minute throw-together meal, that doesn’t really apply.

I also made two other things this evening because after visiting with some friends this afternoon, my funk seems to have gone away. Hopefully I’ll still be feeling perky tomorrow morning. 🙂

Almond Milk

The process of almond milk generally is something like this:

  • Soak raw almonds overnight or for up to 2 days in water.
  • Rinse thoroughly.
  • Blend vigorously.
  • Put in a nut milk bag and strain.
  • Voila. Almond milk. Add sweetner if desired.

I soaked the almonds for 24 hours. I rinsed thoroughly. Then I realized that I could remove the skins easily by pinching them. Everyone I talked to complained that almond milk was too gritty for them. Well, voila! Le secret mes amis!


That is a photo of the bowl of skins and the peeled almonds.

First I tried putting them in the blender with various ratios of water and the best I found so far was 4 cups almonds, 3 cups water. And then I blended it to smithereens.


I have this awesome tool called a chinois from my culinary days that I used to strain sauces and soups, so I lined it with my nut milk bag so that the milk would presumably be less gritty.

IMG_0239 IMG_0240

After it passed through, it looked like this:


And this is the almond meal that was left:


The milk is delicious. It’s not gritty at all. It’s a little light for us in the sense where it has the consistency of skim milk (we used to be a whole milk family). I tried it with some decaf coffee just to see if I could drink it without sugar and lo and behold, it was delicious and frothy. Yum.

In the process though, I realized that my love of coffee has more to do with coffee being a mechanism to deliver sugar than a true love of the flavor of coffee in and of itself. I’ve been without coffee for a while and even though the almond milk was a tasty addition, I think I may not have as much of a love affair with coffee as I did with sugar.

Oh, I forgot to mention the leftover almonds. All that blended almond that I squeezed the milk out of? I’m drying it in the oven to make almond meal, which I can then throw in the food processor to make almond flour!



Someone on the local Moms page here said she had more than enough Kombucha scoby (the starter culture for kombucha) to share and offered it to the group. I love kombucha so was excited to get some to try! The woman gave me a brief tutorial, a big scoby in a jar and sent me home to try!

Here’s what I did when I got home:

  • I transferred the scoby to a large gallon size glass beverage container
  • I used a gallon of spring water to brew 8 black tea bags — I actually used 7 black and one green because it’s what I had but she said that would work too. I added a cup of sugar while it was still hot and mixed it.
  • Once it cooled I added it to the scoby in the container and placed a cheese cloth over the opening with a rubber band to keep it sealed but breathable.

The lady said I should let it sit for at least 5 days before I start tasting to check for fermentation. I’m SO excited. If this turns out the way I want it to, I want to try some fruit kombuchas next!




I’m also experimenting with re-growing our lettuce. I took the end of a Romaine lettuce and stuck it in a glass with water in a sunny spot. Look! It’s growing again!



That’s all folks! Hopefully it will be a sunny and cheerful post tomorrow! Crossing my fingers my hormones stay in line tomorrow. Good night! 🙂

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