Whole30 – Days 13 and 14

I recently read an article about how it takes 66 days to break a bad habit. Well, it’s 66 days to create a good habit actually. I read about it here. I’ve also read that it takes 21 days. Other instances have said 12 weeks. I’m not sure which figure is the most accurate, but given that hubby and I have spent most, if not all of our adult lives eating poorly, we both agree that it will likely take more than 30 days to make eating healthily (and resisting bad foods) a habit.

I have a problem with sugar. Hubby has a problem with grains and milk. We are doing great, but we intend to get past this; to overcome the hold that bad food has on us. We are committing to sticking to the W30 food guidelines beyond the 30 days for as long as we can (we’re hoping to make it through month 2), then switching to a paleo diet once we feel psychologically comfortable with our trouble foods. Personally, I don’t think I’ll ever not have a sweet tooth, but it will be nice when I’m not craving something sweet every night, or when I can walk past a dessert table without salivating.

Day 13 was tough, craving-wise. I didn’t really cheat technically, because what I had was compliant, but I think it was a cheat because psychologically I think I wanted something sweet. I had a medjool date and a sip (no really. A sip) of coconut water, both of which are very sweet naturally. The food item is not the problem here. It’s the intent behind my consumption of it.

If I were strict W30 and if we were planning on doing only 30 days, I would probably reset to Day 1 and start over. It’s a physical and psychological battle and I lost the psychological one on Day 13. Since we do plan on continuing though, I chided myself then reset and tried again on Day 14. I’ve been on the straight and narrow since. So in reality, I need to be on my game until Day 45 if I really want to keep the critics (even if only in my head) happy.

Time for food.

DAY 13

Meal 1



Overall grade: A+
Hubs: Very satiating. Pork was super tender. Fried rice was even better than yesterday. The pickles pack a punch.
M: Finished her plate. Had a banana to top it off.
G: Ate everything except for the veggies. I gave him a handful of blackberries instead.
S: Ate all of her fried rice and had a good portion of the pork. Didn’t eat the veggies. Had a banana instead.
Me: Yum. Easy to prepare and delicious. Took me maybe 20 minutes start to finish, not including the 16 hours it took to cook the pork.

Lessons: RTFM. If I had read the manual, I would know that my slow cooker turns off automatically at 14 hours even on the manual setting. So I woke up thinking that the pork would be done (and it probably was at 14 hours) but I cooked it for another 1.5 hours on high just to make sure. Next time I’ll time it better.

Meal 2


  • Chinese Egg Foo Young-ish – we used some of the Kalua pig instead of ham and fresh spinach instead of frozen.
  • Salad with Romaine lettuce, strawberries, apples and balsamic blackberry dressing (I emulsified my normal balsamic dressing with blackberry and a splash of sesame oil).
  • Bananas and blood oranges for the littles.
  • Beverages: Water.


Overall grade: B+
Hubs: I wish they were a little crisper. Delicious though.
M: Ate most of her plate. Had a banana and an orange for dessert.
G: Wasn’t having it today. Had a banana and stole some of his sister’s orange.
S: Loved the Egg Foo Young. Had a bunch. Then ate the apples from my salad.
Me: I thought it could use a little more crispness on the outside too, which is why it got the B+ grade, but in all reality, it’s really quite good.

Lessons: Maybe a little higher heat toward the end to crisp up a bit.

Meal 3


  • Sirloin steak — magic mushroom powder, EVOO
  • Mustard pan sauce — Pan sauce, herbes de provence, mustard
  • Salad — Romaine lettuce, cucumbers, bell peppers, sherry vinaigrette (sherry vinegar, mustard, S&P, EVOO)
  • Carrot and parsnip baked “fries” — baked at 400 degrees
  • Bananas and blood oranges for the littles.
  • Beverages: Water


Overall grade: C+
Hubs: Delicious but the steak is a bit overdone and the fries need more crispness.
M: Asked for more steak. Finished most of her plate. Ate a banana and blood orange for dessert.
G: Wouldn’t touch his fries. The boy has a thing about root vegetables. He hates them. Asked for more steak. Ate his cucumbers but left the rest. Had a blood orange after dinner.
S: Liked the fries. Ate some cucumber. Left the rest.
Me: I had the same opinion as hubby. I seared the steak on the stove top as I normally do, then once I flip, I put it into the oven to finish. The problem was I walked away… and got distracted.

Lessons: Either set a timer or focus on the steak. The fries either need a lower temperature for a bit longer so that they can crisp or need to be cut larger, because at 400 the thinner tips were burning but the middles were still kind of limp.

Meal 4 (for hubby)

I went to bed early because we stayed up way too late the night before but hubby was up and I think he got really hungry so he had another small meal to tide him over until breakfast. He had 2 left over egg foo youngs and a half of an avocado.

DAY 14

Meal 1


  • Pigs in a skillet – I used Kalua pig and bacon
  • Brussel sprouts — roasted with more bacon…mmmm
  • Avocados
  • Beverages: Black coffee, coconut latte, almond milk

Hubby asked me if I wanted to grow an avocado tree. Considering how many we eat, I do! I don’t however, know how many we’ll be eating 4 to 6 years from now… because that’s how long it takes the average tree to bear fruit!


Overall grade: A+
Hubs: Was delighted to wake up to this. Loves the Kalua pig. Keeps telling me that it was the best decision ever to cook 5 lbs of it.
M: Finished her plate though I will admit that I forgot (not intentionally, really.) to give the kids the Brussel sprouts. She’s had them before and liked them but I completely forgot them over on the stove so she didn’t get any.
G: Would have hated the Brussel sprouts and I’m sure was happy I forgot them. Ate his eggs.
S: Picked at everything. Ate a quarter of a banana.
Me: Nom nom… crunch…mmm… huh? Did you say something? I was just over here shoving my face full of deliciousness.

Lessons: Do it the way she tells you to. Don’t beat the eggs ahead of time. Crack the eggs into the pan, over the meat and move it around. Otherwise the eggs get overly fluffy. Don’t forget the Brussel sprouts. They have bacon in them.

Meal 2


  • Pan-seared, oven-finished Turbot with lemon zest, ghee and S&P
  • Spiral cut zucchini — sautéed in ghee, garlic, S&P ( you can’t really see it in this picture… the fish is sitting on top of it).
  • Yellow bell pepper and raspberry coulis (recipe below)
  • Eggplant rolls — roasted eggplant wrapped around roasted asparagus (lemon zest, ghee, S&P), homemade fire roasted orange bell peppers, avocado.
  • Banana and blood oranges for the littles
  • Drinks: Water, tea for me

Yellow bell pepper and raspberry coulis

– Bell peppers, diced
– Onions, diced
– Raspberries
– Chicken stock/broth
– Bay leaf

– Sweat onions and bell peppers, then caramelize
– Add raspberries
– Deglaze with chicken stock
– Add bay leaf
– Simmer and reduce by half
– Adjust seasoning if necessary
– Strain through chinois
– Return to clean pan to reduce if consistency is still too watery


Overall grade: B-
Hubs: Great. Need a knife to cut the rolls because of the sauce (I can’t really eat it with my hands without getting them dirty).
M: Ate everything, including the eggplant and avocado. So proud of her. Ate some blood oranges for dessert.
G: Another banana only meal.
S: Loved the eggplant rolls and the zucchini.
Me: Wish I had time to further reduce the coulis. Wasn’t happy with the end consistency even though it tasted yummy. The turbot turned out better than I had hoped.

Lessons: Coulis can be made in advance. If I do this again and hubby has time, I’ll have him grill the veggies for the rolls instead. Adding the grill’s smokiness would be a nice touch.


The kids and I had a little snack today. They were hungry when they woke up and since I was getting waves of vertigo on and off throughout the day (plus, I’m still nursing S, so technically I’m allowed), we decided to make a healthy snack. We spread some of our homemade almond butter in between two slices of bananas to make mini banana/almond butter sandwiches. The kids loved them.

Meal 3


  • Pork tenderloin with homemade savory seasoning — to be honest, I made this awhile ago, put it in a container and now I don’t remember exactly what’s in it. I know it has fennel seed, cumin, ground coriander seed, ground mustard seed, and a few other things…
  • Sauteed cabbage and apples
  • Mashed sweet potatoes
  • Bananas for the kiddos


Overall grade: A-
Hubs: The “minus” in A- is due to the fact that hubby felt without the pan sauce or mustard, the pork wouldn’t have been as good (i.e., he felt it should have been able to stand alone). Great otherwise.
M: Finished her pork and sweet potatoes. Is still not a fan of cooked apples so she just picked at the cabbage.
G: Finished his pork but left the rest. Ate a handful of berries.
S: Loved the cabbage and the sweet potatoes.
Me: I thought it was great. I need to figure out how to create that spice mixture because I used the last of it on the pork!

Lessons: Hubby thinks this would have been better with some smokiness from the grill. I don’t necessarily agree. I think it was fine. Not to say that I don’t like it grilled, just saying that I thought the pork could stand alone just fine. We agreed to disagree.

Tomorrow the plan is probably an omelet with leftovers so it’s not going to be a spectacular breakfast, but I need to clear some stuff out of the fridge!

In other exciting news… not in a good way… I took little man to the after hours pediatric urgent care this evening. It’s a great facility and they got us in and out in under an hour. We picked up some meds from the pharmacy and headed home, but that meant little G didn’t get to bed until 9:45. Poor little guy. Nothing serious, but definitely glad I took him. He should be back to 100% in a few days (I hope).

A demain mes amis! I’m off to bed.

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