My little monster turned 4

I could sit here and brag about my little 4-year-old monster all day. I’ve got a list the length of my arm as to why she’s way cooler than all the other Ms you know. She’s awesome sauce. She’s sunshine in a little body with braids. She’s a spitfire but also as sweet and snuggly as they come. She still will ask to hold my hand. She still wants me to sing her songs. And she’s got a smile that will light up a room.


I love her. Bigger than the moon.*

I’ll leave it at that because I know you all want to see the pictures and not listen to me ramble on and on about how freakin’ amazing my kid is. Even though, she is, of course! 😉

*I know that doesn’t make sense to you, but it will to her when she’s older and reads this.

Birthday party at Teacups and Trucks

IMG_7795 IMG_7856 IMG_7852 IMG_7836 IMG_7833 IMG_7826 IMG_7816 IMG_7811 IMG_7801IMG_7873 IMG_7918 IMG_7885 IMG_7977 IMG_7971 IMG_7967 IMG_7951 IMG_7939IMG_7980 IMG_7996IMG_8021 IMG_8018

Botany Bay

IMG_6217 IMG_6230 IMG_6227 IMG_6225 IMG_6220IMG_8063 IMG_8109 IMG_8106 IMG_8104 IMG_8101 IMG_8094 IMG_8093 IMG_8087 IMG_8080 IMG_8078 IMG_8073IMG_8111  IMG_8201 IMG_8202IMG_8198 IMG_8194 IMG_8192 IMG_8191 IMG_8189 IMG_8187 IMG_8184 IMG_8183 IMG_8181 IMG_8179 IMG_8176 IMG_8175 IMG_8167 IMG_8148 IMG_8144 IMG_8142 IMG_8140 IMG_8133 IMG_8213 IMG_8226

Unfortunately the day ended with a trip to the doctor’s office. I took all 3 kids since hubs needed to work. Two hours later, we left with a steroid shot for G and a diagnosis of both croup and the flu. Poor boy.  And poor M for spending the end of her birthday at the doctor’s office. Sweet girl was so compassionate with her brother; rubbing his back and telling him it was okay. We did however, make sure that she got to blow out her birthday candle!


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