February’s Resolution

I can’t believe I forgot to post about this in my last blog entry! So, my January 2015 resolution was to get through the Whole30, and we did! YAY us! We’re continuing, as I mentioned, for hopefully at least another month or so. In all reality, the diet has kind of become our new “normal” so it hasn’t really made a difference for us to continue doing it.

Anyway, we decided that this year was going to be our (or I should say “my” since hubby hasn’t really committed to doing a resolution a month) one-resolution-a-month year.

I thought for a while about what I wanted to do for February. I’d had a few ideas milling about in my mind and I decided on one that I could prepare for while I actually did it. Let me explain. The Whole30 required preparation before we started. I had to purge the pantry, do meal planning, go shop… I had to mentally prepare. January was busy, so I wanted something in February that was a goal, but one wherein I didn’t have to do too much planning to get it started.

***drumroll please…***

I’m resolving to plan and implement a variety of sustainability solutions for the house.

This includes researching and making an actual plan for my vegetable garden. Produce is expensive and if I can grow it, I can eat green, be green and save some green (yeah, I embrace my corniness). I have a couple other ideas to implement, but I figure I’ll tackle one a week. This week has simply been to try to teach the kids to turn off the lights when they leave a room. We also decided to install an Eco Smart water heater for under our kitchen sink as part of our dishwasher fix.

We have a tankless water heater for the house and I love it… for the shower. It gets hot and stays hot for however long I’m in there. For times when you need instant hot water, it’s not so great. It requires that you “waste” a gallon of water, waiting for the water to get hot. Most times, if I’m doing dishes, I use the cold water to do an initial rinse to get the big pieces of food off so I’m not completely wasting the water, but most times when I need hot water, it would be great to have it expeditiously. The tech that came to take a peek at our dishwasher also speculated that it wasn’t working well because the water that it was using to wash the dishes wasn’t getting hot enough before it started to cycle. Hopefully the mini tank solves that problem.


1) Turning off lights
2) Reducing “water-waste” by installing a mini tank for instant hot water (which also means less water used for washing dishes because my dishwasher is much more efficient than I am).

Two things this week. Kinda lame I guess, but I’m working on a garden plan, and I’m super excited about it. Details to come!

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