Where’d ya go?

I was posting pretty regularly there for a bit and then I up and disappeared. Sorry about that. I had a few days of exhaustion/needing to get my house in order. If you’re not interested in my lengthy excuses, skip to the pictures way at the bottom. 🙂

It’s completely a first-world, omg-seriously-there-are-people-out-there-that-do-this-all-the-time problem. In an effort to reduce our expenditures, we got rid of our housekeeper altogether in December, and my nanny went from full-time to part-time (20 hours) at the beginning of this month. I mean really, I have a nanny. That’s pretty cush. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very grateful for the fact that I still have a nanny for any period of time during the week. It gives me time to run to appointments, to switch the laundry or to focus on one kid when I’m teaching a particular lesson (i.e., when I want to focus on a particular topic with just M, my nanny will teach or play with the younger two). So, I still have it pretty good.

But. There’s always a “but” right? But, things are still nuttier than they otherwise would be because I’m cooking a ton more than I used to (which equates to more dirty kitchenware) and my dishwasher has been on the fritz for about 3 weeks. Handy Hubby has been troubleshooting the ten or so reasons why it may have failed and promises me that the part needed to fix it will be in by next week. Plus, the kids and I have embarked on a mission to do at least one craft a day… All this to say that I’ve been spending a LOT more time cleaning, and less time with the kids ( 😦 Sad face.)

Some people say “the kids aren’t going to remember the house being dirty, but they are going to remember you not spending time with them”. While I understand the mentality, I don’t think it’s entirely accurate. M makes commentary when she sees a mess “Mama, it’s a mess in here! We need to clean up!” and will bring it up later “I like it better when the house is clean, not like last week when it was so messy.” — so yes, she does remember a dirty house. Also, there is a reason I’m a bit type-A when it comes to keeping the house clean. It’s the way I was raised. I grew up in a clean house so I strive to keep my house clean. I want the kids to get in the habit of cleaning up and being in a clean space so that it becomes second nature to them. I would like that when they’re off on their own, they don’t think it’s okay to have dirty dishes in the sink and nasty, dirty bathrooms. Because it’s not. It’s not okay. It’s not healthy, or sanitary, or appropriate. Now, that’s not to say that I don’t ever have a dirty (fill in the blank) but I don’t pretend like “oh, it’s okay because I’m spending time with my kids”. Yes, I’d rather spend time with my kids, and most of the time I do (which is why I then stay up late to clean), but I don’t lie to myself and say, “oh, it’s okay for my kids to get used to seeing nasty floors, dishes in the sink and a mountain of laundry”. Because it is NOT okay. At least not for me. In addition to all that, my sanity kind of depends on having a clean space. On the nights where I say, “F it. I’m going to bed early and I’ll wake up early to clean this mess of a kitchen”, I wake up uber grumpy and it screws up my entire day. The cleanliness of my physical space affects the cleanliness of my mental and emotional space. I know that’s weird, but at least I recognize it.

Anyway, the point is that I’ve been staying up late to catch up on steam cleaning my floors, sanitizing my bathrooms, folding my laundry and just getting back into the rhythm of not having a second set of hands, and that has kept me busy enough that I haven’t had time to blog. Sorry folks. I’m back at it though.

Now for food.

I didn’t take a whole bunch of pictures only because we’ve gotten to the point where we have been doing some quick meals (spaghetti squash, browned meat, sauce) and leftovers (hash, sautéed veggies). I did make Chicken Nanking the other night (with shiitake mushrooms, sweet potatoes and bok choy instead of green beans and sweet potatoes) but it turned out really good. I also decided to clean out my veggie drawer and make chicken soup. Did you know Romaine lettuce is really good in soup (only if you throw it  in a hot soup right before you eat it)? Yum. Hopefully I’ll have some variety for next week.

IMG_0316 IMG_6334

And for you grandparents and extended family out there, here are some photos of the munchkins. We went to a cool nature-day thing this past Wednesday where the kids got to go on a boat ride and do some archery. Check it out.

IMG_6358 IMG_6388 IMG_6379 IMG_6373 IMG_6365

Happy Friday Y’all!


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