Our hive (the boxes) comes in December. Our bees should be here next March (no point in having them come during the middle of winter). I’ve been talking to a neighbor who has bees and am planning on attending a bee-keeper course in the next few months. I am starting to shop around for bee suits and gear. This is really happening!

Now, for all of you who know me, you must be wondering whether I’ve lost my mind or if I say I’m going to tend to bees but really the hubby is going to do all the work. Nope, I intend to be the primary beekeeper and as far as I know am sane… mostly.

This is because I’m terrified of all things bees/wasps. I only recall being stung once as a kid, but am one of those people who stands stock still, hoping that the bee/wasp doesn’t notice me… or alternatively I go running. So. This is definitely a HUGE change for me.

Therein lies the question then. Why am I doing this?? Well, the first reason is selfish. We have a garden and I love harvesting vegetables. I’m certainly not going to pollinate by hand (even though I have in the past). The second selfish reason is that our family loves honey. I use it in my coffee, the kids put it in their tea, we put it on our pancakes and more recently I’ve been using it in my new-and-improved-super-charged elderberry syrup. Not to mention the gummies… that has honey in it too. Reason number three is because we want to participate in saving the honey bee population because we understand how much it matters to local, and on a larger scale, global agriculture. Reason four is because I do indeed have a fear of bees. It’s about time I conquered it. I will not have my children fear bees just because I can’t get past my own fear of bees. We’ve adopted the mantra from the recent Cinderella movie “Have Courage and Be Kind.”… I gotta walk the walk if I’m gonna talk the talk.

Today we went to the local bee expo and had a blast. It’ll be great once we actually have honey to harvest from our own hive, but in the meantime, there are plenty of apiaries that I can buy local honey from, which is particularly important now that I’m starting R&D on my blends. More to come on that once I have actual results although preliminary testing (i.e. feeding it to my kids) of the new elderberry syrup recipe has gone over very well. I have gummies setting up in the fridge and am working on testing my tea blends next. Who wants to volunteer to try some?

Tomorrow, is hubby’s birthday so we’re planning for a fun day. More pictures to come!

Elderberry Syrup

IMG_7097 IMG_7100


The Honey and Bee Expo

IMG_7108 IMG_7115 IMG_7116 IMG_7117 IMG_7118 IMG_7119

And, just because they’re cute together, a picture of M and her Daddy enjoying some sushi. We managed to have all three kids at a restaurant without tantrums, excessive noise, or excessive mess. We must have done something good because Karma was being super nice to us that day! 😉



Happy Sunday!

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