A Cake and Some Rice

Yesterday was hubby’s birthday! (Happy Birthday babe!) To celebrate, I made prime rib, a salad from our garden, rice (gasp!) and for dessert, a chocolate cake (double gasp!!).  Now, the rice was definitely a cheat. It’s one of the grains that’s most easily processed by the body, but it’s still a grain so we steer clear, except in circumstances like this, where it was specifically requested by the birthday boy. 🙂 The chocolate cake on the other hand was 100% paleo. And (the “and” is the most important part), it was delicious! FTW! 

Today, the hubs spent a solo day out on the water while the munchkins and I enjoyed the weather and some friends at the park. Tomorrow might see some planting, since we recently procured some new seedlings (asparagus! brussel sprouts! mint! fennel! tomatoes!) and hubby is working on building some additional planter boxes. 

Family. Sunshine. Laughter. Good food. Love. Friends. Getting into the soil. Baby giggles. Life just doesn’t get any better, my friends. It’s like that bumper sticker: Wag more. Bark less.


This is what happens when I bake a cake… Little munchkins (or big ones) come and steal a bite before I can even frost it… And yes I know it’s in a pie plate. I didn’t make enough batter for a standard cake pan so I figured a pie plate would at least give it the pretty fluted edges.  

Paleo icing. Zero sugar. Zero butter or shortening. Zero dairy as a matter of fact. 100% delicious. 

Forgot to spray the pan but whatevs… Doesn’t matter when you’re just gonna gobble it up anyway! 😉  


The handsomest of birthday boys. Cheers to another awesome year!

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