Exploring the Fort

We have a couple of forts in our area and today we ventured to one that we have not been to before. The kids sat through the 20 minute educational film, though I think G confused the British ships for pirate ships. He kept saying “Look Mama! Pirates! Ahoy!”. It was a windy but beautiful day. Tomorrow is supposed to be just as beautiful… who knows what kind of adventures we’ll go on?

IMG_7967IMG_7972 IMG_7973 IMG_7977 IMG_7978 IMG_7980 IMG_7981 IMG_7982 IMG_7985 IMG_7988 IMG_7990

While there, we noticed that the flag that was flying had 15 and not 50 stars. Here’s what ushistory.org and Google have to say about that:

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 9.51.47 PM Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 9.50.27 PM
Huh. Who knew!

What I failed to do before we left was ask why they were flying that flag over the fort. Just another reason to go back and visit again!

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