Reptile weekend

Hubby and I must have been bitten by the spontaneity bug this weekend because everything we did was unplanned, but awesome. There was a T-Rex dinosaur show was in town, and being that the kids are all into dinosaurs these days, I thought it would be fun to go to. While the animatronics were cool, it was really expensive for very few exhibits and the dinosaur “sounds” they played were on repeat so after doing the circuit about 5 times, we decided to head out. It took us all of 20 minutes. As a parent, I was disappointed but the kids seemed to be thrilled with seeing dinosaurs move, so I guess that’s all that matters.

IMG_8045 IMG_8037 IMG_8016 IMG_8013 IMG_8023

Today it was gorgeous out so we decided that since we’d all been busy playing this morning, we’d just head out to brunch instead of bothering with figuring out what to cook. I booked a restaurant that I’d been wanting to try (a brasserie downtown) and off we went. I’m always worried that there is going to be a meltdown, but the kids were very well behaved and really enjoyed their Croque Madame. I had the Moules Frites and hubby had the French dip. The waiter was French and from Paris no less, so I got to chatting and we talked about where in Paris we had family and compared notes on how different it is to live here.

IMG_8108 IMG_8121

This afternoon we decided on a bike ride to go have some frozen yogurt (yes, yes, I know, it’s non-Paleo, but hey, it’s okay to have a treat every now and again). G-man insisted that we swing by the turtle pond before heading into town. Lo and behold, there were no turtles. Hmmm… I wonder why?


For all you grandparents out there, don’t worry, we were on a platform and I was using the zoom on my phone. He was certainly close, but no one was in danger.


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