Right of Passage

I took my brood to the new exhibit at the aquarium last week where they built a new area called the Shark Shallows. It allows visitors to see bonnet head sharks, cow nose stingrays, and southern stingrays up close. You can even put your hand into the tank to touch them when they swim by. The kids and I did a brief unit study on the sharks the day before and made these shark hats.


Unfortunately, it is a semi open air exhibit and the members-only soft opening was on a day that was very windy and rainy so we left our hats at home, but had a great day nonetheless.

IMG_8211 IMG_8216 IMG_8222 IMG_8245

As you can see from the photos above, G-man’s hair was just super long. I called to make an appointment to get his hair cut but there were no openings for a week and a half. Considering that it was getting in his eyes, I decided to give him a trim myself.

I was doing a pretty darn good job giving little man a crew cut. I even checked out some videos as to how to do it right… then the girls came running out of my closet with a beaded necklace and with a giggle and tug, the beads went bouncing all over the floor. The commotion made me jump… with clippers in hand. This left little man with a nice bald spot on the top of his head. Well, I guess it’s a right of passage to have your mom mess up your hair, right? I mean, at least I didn’t put a bowl on top of his head. In any case, we decided to rectify the situation by shaving his head, so now he looks like Daddy.

IMG_8292 IMG_8318
I think he looks super cute, and love rubbing his head — it’s so soft! He was pretty pleased with it himself, so I didn’t feel quite so bad. Daddy was of course thrilled to have his boy don the same cut, so I think I’m off the hook for this one. 😉
Other adventures this week:

IMG_8133 IMG_8138

We took advantage of the warm weather and decided to go play downtown.

My awesome-sauce Mama sent me a vegetarian dish I had been craving via overnight delivery. It’s spicy and savory, made with green mangoes, Thai eggplants and a ton of spice. It’s delicious and handmade by Buddhist monks in Maryland. YUM. 

And so it begins! I got in my bee suit and was supposed to go to my bee keeping class this past weekend but it got postponed due to rain. I’ll update with my adventures alongside a bee keeper from a local apiary after my course this weekend!


This is Super G’s nails, painted pink. The only reason I’m posting this, is to make a point to say that in our house, there are no such thing as “boy” things and “girl” things. G-man can wear a tutu and paint his nails pink and M and S play with trucks and dinosaurs without my calling them “tomboys”. They’re just kids. It’s a pet peeve of mine when people make commentary about how kids should behave in a gender-specific way. Ok, I’m off my soap-box now. 😀

IMG_8331 IMG_8335

Like my new hat?


Look! Baby asparagus!


Every year our neighborhood hosts a concert in the local park, and people set up tents in order to claim space and picnic. There is also a contest for best themed tent. Last year my friend won with a “Where’s Waldo?” tent. This year she invited us to join in on her “Apple Genius Bar” theme. We’re missing the apple stickers that would have served as logos on our shirts in this picture but we’ve got the uniform down, complete with iPhone hanging from lanyard and the hipster glasses. We didn’t win, but it was fun nonetheless! Even in the pouring rain!

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