Week in review

Public schools had their last day this past Thursday so I guess it’s officially summer! We’ve been engaging in all sorts of summer activities both indoors and out. Here’s what we did this past week.


We had a little visitor this week! My neighbor’s french bulldog puppy got out of his backyard and came for a visit. The kids were enamored although not thrilled about his puppy “nippiness”. Hubby fell in love with him and was talking about getting one, but I put the kibosh on that for right now. As much as I’d love a pet for the kids to grow up with, we have plenty to fill our plate with right now. Perhaps in a few years when they’re older and able to take on some of the responsibility.

IMG_8987 IMG_8986

During the summer months we generally get a quick tropical down pour in the afternoon before things clear up. It usually rains too hard for us to go out and splash so while it rains (or just on days where they don’t feel like going out) we play with water, bust out paints or most recently, we play with…

IMG_8961 IMG_8959 IMG_8957 IMG_8955

Water beads!! I attended the local homeschooling convention here and one of the goodies I came home with were these little beauties. They start off as tiny little beads and as they soak in water, they expand. They’re gelatinous and are such a fun form of sensory play for the kids (and for the grown-ups too!).

IMG_8971 IMG_8989  IMG_8985 IMG_8980 IMG_8979 IMG_8978 IMG_8976 IMG_8974
We hired a new part-time nanny! She currently works for a nurse practitioner’s family so doesn’t have a ton of hours available for us during the summer, but it works because it’s usually just about one or two mornings a week (maybe 8 or 10 hours per week) — just enough for us to go on adventures! We’ve only had her two days but so far she’s been great with the kids and they’ve already asked when she’s coming back. We all miss our old nanny, but it’s good to see that the kids aren’t reluctant to make new friends too. We’re just expanding the family.

Another fun thing that happened this week was our first impromptu playdate with a neighbor. My neighbor’s daughter came and knocked on the door and asked to play. I had seen that with some of the other kids in the neighborhood, but they were all older, usually 6 years+. Surprisingly, this little girl who was 6, played very well with our kiddos. By that, I mean she didn’t get bored or annoyed with the kids when she couldn’t quite understand what S said, or when the kids wanted to play games that were more suited to their ages than hers. After a few hours of play in the morning, she came and knocked on our door again in the afternoon for another session of running around and arts and crafts. Having a sense of community was certainly one of the reasons we moved here and although I didn’t think it would have happened so soon, we’re happy that the kids are making friends in the neighborhood.

Last but not least, we really enjoyed the garden this week. The plants are growing well and we found some new friends to play with!

IMG_8945 IMG_8948 IMG_8949 IMG_8950 IMG_8951 IMG_8954
The sunflowers are growing taller, the watermelon and carrots are growing nicely and we’ve already harvested 3 big buckets of cherry tomatoes. The last picture is of some black swallowtail caterpillars I found hanging out on my fennel. They apparently are very fond of the fronds. Hopefully we have some beautiful butterflies in a few weeks. I need to buy a terrarium so we can study things like this more. It would have been a perfect segue to a caterpillar unit study.

Today we’re enjoying some pancakes and heading off to the pool. Are you doing anything fun today?

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  1. Thanks so much for taking the time to post. G and S are getting so big and M looks grown up. I am thrilled that the new Nanny is working out. Your family life is full and rich and our family is blessed to be a part of yours. Happy anniversary you two crazy kids 💏


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