Catching up – June 2015

Keeping this short. Need to clean the kitchen and am procrastinating. Photos. Quick snippets. Here’s what we did this past month.


We celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary. This shot was taken by our nanny who took the kids out to the park while we went to a movie and lunch!


We have a massive sunflower growing! It’s tall. Really tall. See it over the car?

IMG_9097 IMG_9099 IMG_9103

Some other things from the garden: Our baby watermelon, harvesting sunflower seeds and the result of the harvest and some of our grape tomatoes.


When it’s hot, you bust out the slip and slide!

IMG_9182 IMG_9172IMG_1067

Helping Daddy pull weeds… and apparently strangling our baby sister is on that list too. J/K!

IMG_9001 IMG_9005 IMG_9007

M had soccer camp!

IMG_9011 IMG_9013

We got messy eating breakfast in the car.


We got in some park time.

IMG_9035 IMG_9065

And snuggles.

IMG_9070 IMG_9072

We had good and bad moments. Sometimes within minutes.


We sometimes even played together.


I took M to a movie, just the two of us.

IMG_9134 IMG_9147

We had an impromptu dinner at the beach.

IMG_9163 IMG_9166


We went to the aquarium to pet some snakes, sharks and stingrays.

IMG_9104 IMG_9107

We prayed, and prayed and prayed for our city. What a horrible tragedy. Nine lives lost in the name of hate. We are so proud that our city responded with love instead. #charlestonstrong

IMG_9301 IMG_9304
We picked peaches and blueberries at the local farm.

IMG_9383 IMG_9384
We announced Little Monster #4 (dubbed “nugget” by M) to the world! Yay! We’re due in January! More on all of that when I have a little more time.

We went to Kiawah with Daddy since he had never been and had a great day!IMG_9250

Baby bump alert!

IMG_1072IMG_1074IMG_1080IMG_1084IMG_9398 IMG_9400 IMG_9413 IMG_9416 IMG_9419 IMG_9421

We had friends visit and went to our local fireworks show the night before the 4th. That last photo makes me smile… it looks like music notes to me.

IMG_9429 IMG_9437 IMG_9441 IMG_9448 IMG_9458IMG_1101

Then we went to the local show in the neighborhood on the 4th.

IMG_9491 - Version 2 IMG_9493 IMG_9498 IMG_9505

Brunch on Sunday was SO not healthy, but Oh.Em.Gee. delicious! I had French Toast that was probably 4 inches high, drizzled in Bourbon Maple Syrup. It was custardy and divine.

IMG_9513  IMG_1103 IMG_1112 IMG_1124

And of course, since we were downtown, a trip to the fountains was mandatory. I normally carry a change of clothes for the kids in the car, but of course since we had recently gone to the beach, I had not yet refilled my “go-pack”… so the kids rode home either naked or in a diaper. Gotta love some spontaneous mid-day fun though!

More to come in the next few days once I can get a handle on the house! Happy belated 4th to all!

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