Preparing for School

This year we decided to use an actual curriculum for school, with the addition of the unit studies I did last year. I also added in some of the materials we already use and am trying to incorporate French into our daily circle time. Once a week really isn’t enough.

I spent some time reorganizing our space upstairs and getting everything situated and labeled so schooling during the week would be easier. It’s going to be a busy year. Here’s our space, and a snapshot of our lesson plan for the first week of school.

This is technically our “playroom” but a lot of times we end up doing gross motor activities in here if it’s icky outside. This is also where the kids spend their time when I’m doing one-on-one activities with one of them in a different room.

IMG_3408     IMG_3410 IMG_3409IMG_0440IMG_0441

This is the space that we usually do circle time and the majority of our lessons in. It’s our “loft” and a fairly large open space where the kids can spread out books, where we can stand up and dance during circle time and where we pin the kids’ art to our “art gallery”.

IMG_3411 IMG_3414 IMG_3413 IMG_3412

This is our art space. It used to be a bedroom that we recently turned into the “art room”. The kids can go work on projects without worrying about moving them in order to clear space to do schoolwork. Bonus, there’s a large closet where I have enough room to store all of our craft supplies. The kids have taken to looking at some art books so I rotate the various coffee table art books we have as inspiration for them. In the last picture, M took the sand dollars we found at the beach and decorated them. We then hung them from the ceiling above the bookshelf where we keep all of her markers and crayons.

IMG_3415 IMG_3423 IMG_3422 IMG_3421 IMG_3420 IMG_3419 IMG_3418 IMG_3416

We decided to go with “The Homegrown Preschooler” as a curriculum this year and I’m adding in several books, Youtube videos, and Pinterest projects to that. We likely won’t be able to finish everything, but I found that last year I didn’t have enough activities for the kids to complete and they ended up being bored. Better too much than not enough, right? We’ll see how it goes. I’ll continue to try to post pictures as we go along.

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 1.59.50 PM

And last but not least, some daily gratitudes for today: I’m thankful for health that has been restored to our household, curious-minded children, a pool play-date this afternoon, and a sense of calm today even though the state of the house might be chaotic.

Now for that mountain of laundry that needs to be folded before I head out to that playdate this afternoon…

Sending peace out to you all… oh wait, let me say it the way a girl from Chucktown should say it… Sending peace out to y’all! 🙂

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