A Visit From Ngoai

While my mom makes it a tradition to come down for a visit for each of the kids’ birthdays, this year there was a big trip to the West Coast planned with her friends during S’s birthday so she decided to come down and visit us for my birthday instead. It’s always a treat to see her, especially when she’s making a special trip down just for the weekend to spend some time celebrating with us.

Here are some snapshots of our long weekend.

She always brings her DSLR camera so she gets some great shots of the kids.





We visited the Farmer’s Market on Saturday and enjoyed some much-needed lemonade considering it’s still a balmy 90-something degrees during the day here.

IMG_9411IMG_9408 IMG_9398IMG_9393 IMG_9391 IMG_9390 IMG_9389 IMG_9388

A visit from Ngoai is never complete without good homemade Vietnamese food, so my mom made us Mi Hoanh Thanh (from scratch!) and I hooked it up with some homemade Pho. Then we topped it off with a watermelon/coconut cake. We even had a little helper that made it that much more fun.

It was a delicious weekend, let me tell you!

IMG_9423IMG_9432 IMG_9429IMG_9427 IMG_9426IMG_0498 IMG_0504IMG_1448

And, we celebrated my birthday. Getting older is always more fun when you’re surrounded by family (and handmade gifts from the kiddos). 🙂

Excuse me and my disheveled-ness. I didn’t feel like doing my hair or putting in my contacts, so on went the ball cap.

IMG_9417 IMG_9421 IMG_9439 IMG_9458 IMG_9456IMG_9446 IMG_9443 IMG_9459 IMG_9461 IMG_9467 IMG_9468IMG_9476 IMG_9472 IMG_9470 11922828_1306543746029729_8792797170137494749_o

It was a wonderful weekend. Here’s to another year of adventures!

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