Weekend Adventures

This past weekend I somehow magically woke up earlier than the kids. Normally they wake up before I do and go play in the game room for 20 or so minutes while I slowly get my large pregnant tuckus out of bed. So when I got up at 6:45 on Saturday, feeling pretty good, I wasn’t sure what had happened. I’m normally a fairly groggy waker-upper, and that’s at 7:30…ish. I got up, made coffee, planned out our day and when the kids got up at 7 or so, we headed out for a morning walk before the day got too hot (because the weather here doesn’t realize it’s Autumn and still gets hot and humid during the day).

I love how quiet it is at that time in the morning.




Enjoying our neighborhood lake while still in our jammies!


Once we got breakfast in us, we headed down to FamJam at the Saturday morning Farmer’s Market and enjoyed the festivities.

IMG_1335 IMG_1338IMG_1339 IMG_1349 IMG_1343

Cheat meal! Hubby couldn’t resist chicken and waffles.

IMG_1350 IMG_1352

M got her face painted while we were there, which inspired her to paint my face when we got home. Quite the artiste.


I love how our adventures inspire the kids to do creative things at home. What has inspired you lately?

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