There are some distinct benefits to not having furniture in your house (well, we have counter stools and an office chair but that’s essentially it).

  1. No dust bunnies!
  2. No vacuuming of upholstered anything
  3. Lots and lots of room to RAAAAAAAAACE!

When I was a kid, our PE (Phys.Ed.) teacher would line up two pairs of chalkboard erasers at one end of the gym and would gather two lines of students at other. We would then race each other to retrieve the erasers, carrying only one at a time.

We don’t have any need for chalkboard erasers so instead we used the kids’ shoes. We did several variations where they were required to do a few jumping jacks or lunges before bringing their shoes back. We also did a relay race where they handed each other a stuffed animal instead of a baton. We had a blast and burned off some energy while we were at it!

We might just do plastic cup bowling next!

*Note: yes! We do travel with our keyboard. It’s easy to bring along wherever we go and M now has her weekly piano lessons via FaceTime. Technology rocks!


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