March for Science

Like many others, since last year’s election season, I decided that I will not remain silent as our world gets flipped on its head and my children’s futures are put in the line of fire. I have a voice and I intend to use it.

This past weekend, various cities around the country hosted the March for Science. I’ll let you do your own research on the attendance numbers and the various reasons why people marched. For me, it was because I support science and science programs. I wanted to bring light to the fact that science is important and not to be taken for granted. I wanted to protest the suggested cuts to the various science programs that receive federal funding and the silencing of science agencies. I also wanted to protest the manipulation and deletion of data.*

I attended the march in Charleston and was pleasantly surprised at the turn out. I was also excited that several passersby stopped to ask why we were marching and chose to engage in discourse with me and my friends.

#RESIST (with respect)

*Some sources to review:

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