My oldest has been playing piano since she was three. She started by learning how to curl her fingers and tap the keys properly. Then her teachers moved on to note recognition. These days it’s reading sheet music properly, playing without looking at her fingers and proper music theory. It’s fascinating to watch the development. Most days I sit with her and tap out a steady tempo while she counts beats and rests. Today, I taught her a classic. Heart and Soul. When I was a kid, if you played the piano, you knew how to play Heart and Soul. You started off learning the harmony because it was repetitive and as you progressed you took on the melody part of the duet.

M was able to conquer the harmony portion with a half hour. Since it was her first time playing a duet, I put headphones on her to drown out the melody I was playing and not confuse her. It took a few tries but eventually she got it down. I don’t know who was more proud. Me or her.

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