Field Trip: Columbia, SC

Two hours North-West of Charleston is South Carolina’s state capital: Columbia. It is the largest city in our state and home to various museums and tourist attractions. Being the capital also means it’s the legislative epicenter of our state and home to the State House.

The kids and I just finished a unit on South Carolina that included learning the six regions of the state, primary industries, the various river systems, as well as an introduction to government and legislative bodies. What better way to see what our lawmakers do than to visit them.

It just so happened that my husband had some business in Columbia, so we decided to pay him a visit. I took the kids to the State House, the Children’s Museum and we met up with him for some decent pho for dinner. A pretty productive visit if I do say so myself.

South Carolina State House

EdVenture Children’s Museum

We also putzed around the five-points area of Columbia and found this cool piece of public art.


Did I mention we love road trips? ❤

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