Maintenance Monday

At least one Monday a month, I engage in what I call Maintenance Mondays. I pay bills, I make phone calls, and otherwise catch up on all things administrative. Today is my Maintenance Monday for this month. The kids have free play for a part of the day and some assigned work while I try to complete my task list. Since I successfully completed my list, I thought I’d also catch up on all things Merry Few before July arrives and another whirlwind sweeps us away.

Here are some photos from late May and June.


Rolling Thunder

Botanical Gardens

A weekend at Grandpa’s

National Arboretum

Innovations in Flight Family Day and Aviation Display at Udvar Hazy

Lazy mornings spent teaching strategy and entomology

Rocknoceros concert at Jammin’ Java

Western Maryland Railroad through Allegheny Mountains

Hubby and I also celebrated our 13 year wedding anniversary this month. We might have a few more wrinkles than we had last year but you’ll still catch me giggling at his corny jokes and he still puts up with my Type A(ish) personality so I think we’re on the right track.

Other ongoings: M has mastered the two-wheeler and the littles are working on pedaling on bikes with training wheels. We had a Robin who nested in M’s bird house in the backyard and we subsequently enjoyed listening to the little cheeps from the chicks. The backyard has proven to be a little wildlife refuge in its own right. There are rabbits, chipmunks and songbirds that hang out not 5 feet from us when we sit out on the back deck and we’ve discovered quite an array of interesting insects: baby praying mantids, lady bugs, bumble bees, honey bees, rolly-pollies (I know that’s not the scientific name, but I don’t think you care so i’m not going to bother googling it), fireflies, spiders, cicadas, and earthworms. The kids run barefoot in the yard playing tag, red light/green light and hide-n-seek. It’s what childhood summers are made of.

Last but not least, I finally got around to completing my May book Spies in the Family by Eva Dillon.  If you’re looking for a captivating non-fiction book for the summer, this is it. I generally don’t gravitate toward this genre but I really enjoyed reading and listening to the book (I alternated between Kindle and Audible). The story was suspenseful and intriguing without causing me anxiety. In addition, I felt it gave me a refresher on our country’s history with Russia, which is important considering the current political climate. If you haven’t checked it out yet, add it to your summer reading list.

For July, I’m going to work on finishing my World Schooling book and add Astrophysics for People in a Hurry by Neil deGrasse TysonI’ve read great reviews and while I’m sure some of it will be over my head, I’m going to attempt it anyway. Wish me luck.

See y’all in July.


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