Early celebrations

I figure if I don’t post it as soon as it happens, I’m going to end up doing cumulative posts again. So in an effort to post in a timely manner, I’m sharing some photos from tonight’s early birthday celebration for S. We met up with Mie-Mie and Grandpa at a new(ish) restaurant that unbeknownst to me when I booked it, is chocolate-centric. Say whaaaaat now? How did I NOT know about this?! Shame on me!

Almost all the dishes and cocktails had some sort of chocolate in them. The appetizers and entrees had cocoa nibs or powder to keep things savory and the desserts were not only gorgeous but a delicious sampling of the varieties of chocolate. The waiter even explained which dishes had what percentage of chocolate.

I tried to refrain from being the annoying take-photos-of-everything person that I wanted to be and only snapped photos before and at the tail end of the meal. Normally, I’d be taking photos before each dish… because, well, because I like to document stuff and because it’s just in my nature to want to capture things visually. Some people say that I should just live in the moment and rely on my memory to relive said joyful moments, however, my memory is reserved for inane, useless facts along with whatever I need to know to teach my kids the next day, so whatever memories I’m supposed to retain of the delicious food I’m consuming are usually lost in the ether between my left and right lobes. Anyway, so yes, I did good. I refrained from oversnapping, yet still got a couple good shots.

Behold and don’t forget to wipe the drool from the side of your mouth.

Oh, they also sell handmade chocolates if you just need a little chocolate pick-me-up. Be sure to check out The Conche if you’re in Northern Virginia. They have a key-lime chocolate bonbon that is just…mmmm. ❤

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