Birthday Weekend

We started our early celebrations for S’s birthday on Friday with one set of NoVA grandparents and continued on Saturday with the other set.

There were several events going on around town and since the forecast called for rain, we opted for indoor events. 

Our first was at the Daughters of the American Revolution in Washington D.C..  While we had all visited DAR Constitution hall, the musical venue, it was a first time visit to the museum for all of us. Like many downtown, the building has beautiful architectural details both inside and out. 

The museum itself contains historical artifacts and state rooms decorated to reflect how they would have looked during the early 20th century. 

We stopped in not because of the museum but because the DAR was hosting a Worldfair event. The event showcased artifacts, crafts and foods from the first Worldfair in Paris. The kids had a great time carving soap, posing in the photo booth with props, listening to a bilingual French/English book during storytime and exploring the various inventions presented at the Worldfair. 

We were also in for a surprise! The DAR houses historical documents, like census documents, relating to individuals involved in the American Revolution. My mom’s fiancé had been looking for information on some of his ancestors and had traveled around Virginia looking for it. Lo and behold, he found it in the DAR library! How cool. It got us talking about ancestry and genealogy, and now the kids and I plan to create a family tree!

The day ended up being sunny and bright so we decided to stop by VietFest, a two-day Vietnamese cultural event.

We arrived in time to grab lunch at a neighboring restaurant (check out that beer tap!), got some sugar cane juice and the kids got to watch a lion dance and a performance in traditional dress.

The afternoon wrapped up with a trip to Lake Anne for their annual Cardboard Boat Regatta. It was another inspirational event. The kids have decided they want to build and captain their own cardboard vessels. Aye-aye mateys!

We topped the night off with some fondue and full bellies. 💗

Next up, more celebrating! Happy birthday S! 🎂

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