Thoughts while lying here

Today we spent some time with friends downtown and after quick showers the kids were happy to climb into bed. Tonight, their little eyes fell closed as soon as their heads hit the pillow.

Usually, I lie down with them, read them a story and snuggle until at least my youngest falls asleep. Many nights, I fall asleep myself and end up staying there until morning. As I lie here in bed with the three of them, despite not having had active cuddling time tonight, it is such a comfort for me to have them snuggled in close. I am thankful that I have babies to snuggle. And I am thankful that they are with me.

These thoughts inevitably led to the situation along the border where there are parents who do not know when they will next snuggle their children. Parents who are not currently squished in between two little space heaters with little fingers and soft hair. And while I am grateful that I am so blessed to have my children in my arms, I am also heartbroken for these parents and terrified for their children and most of all, the thing that drives me to action, is the anger I feel toward the so-called leadership of our great nation that fails, at this very moment, to do anything of consequence to resolve the issue.

I took my kids to the Families Belong Together march this past Saturday and explained to them why we were marching. They could not comprehend why it was necessary to remove children from their families. And neither can I.

So as I lie here counting my blessings (even though I may in fact end up getting drooled on in the next few minutes), and saying a prayer for those families who are affected by these horrible circumstances, I am also using the comfort these cuddles bring as a reminder to myself to take action come tomorrow morning. I will harass my members of Congress with phone calls and emails. I will show up for marches and raise my voice. Why? Because if I am ever in a circumstance wherein my children are taken from me for some asinine reason, where I didn’t know when I would next hold them in my arms, I would hope someone would care enough to fight on my behalf.

I care.

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